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Yo, lokyst!

Hey, Niala: what's the name of that shield I made for you? The one with the phalanx charges?

I'm thinking if DRKs can use it and it's 69 or higher level requirement it might be handy for my Maat fight. (And cheap-ish, since I can make them myself. Maybe Cehra and I can even share one, if WHMs can use them.)

Charge items bringing:
Blink band
Stoneskin (head armor thing)
Haste belt
...phalanx would be a nice addition to that collection.

I think/worry that at least the first Maat run will be very much a test run -- not that I'll skimp on meds or not really try, but I'm very unsure about armor. I'm going to wait until 69 so I can use my Hauberk +1 instead of Haubergeon (that'll give me -10 eva instead of -20, plus more acc, att, str, and dex just on that one item). I think (hope) that that will be okay enough. If not, I might switch it totally out for something a lot more defensive.

I'm intending to eat a taco.

I need to find some new rings to buy/borrow. I'll have a ton of acc on my thick pieces (plus the Hauberk), so I'd like some sort of vit or def rings instead of a total of -20 def from 2 sniper's. (I think I'll be in different rings for XPing by this point, but even then I think I'd rather def/vit over str/att.)

I'm going to do the "leveling mid-battle" trick, which should be easier to arrange with random parties than with a static. ("Uh, sorry guys, I know we've only been XPing an hour, but can we stop? I'm 499 to level...") I just have worries that S-E is going to close that loophole. If so, I hope word gets out about the change before I try the fight.

I can't believe how close the fight is getting. It suddenly seems so much more real... I've been looking forward to this fight (and plotting and planning) since I was in my teens as a DRK. It's sort of scary that it's almost time. :}
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