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It's so hard to come up with subject lines... (FFXI only)

(EDIT: PokeMUSH people: I got an email from Nails this morning asking about the game and if it was still running. I told him it closed long ago and he could delete it if he wanted to. If you still need/want anything, you should log on and get it ASAP.)

It's funny how "not bad" turns into "good". Last night's party wasn't anything special or outstanding, but it was also neither bad nor insane, so it counts as "good". It's also very strange that JP players are on at odd times. Shouldn't they all be asleep or at work or something at 5 PM PST? Yet lately all the parties I make are 50% or more JP...

Our JP RDM amused me on many levels:

How fitting is it that Slash is a RDM? Heeheehee.

There were three "firsts" in last night's party:

1) Our SMN healer actually used Earth Ward (that group stoneskin thing) on a regular basis! No SMN healer has ever done that for a XP party I was in before! Darned nice!

2) Our first PLD used Cover. I have no idea why PLDs don't use that more, it's a really nice tool...

3) My first experience with MPK. :/ I've been thinking about it since last night, and I'd like to think it had just been a mistake or a mis-pull, but I don't think it could have been. We were in that "tunnel camp" and these higher level folks camped right behind us (on top of us). Their puller came back with 3-4 gobs from the higher level area. Of course he pulled them through our party as we were fighting (one left him right away and started beating us up). Somehow that higher level group vanished (must have teleported out?) and so of course all the gobs come wandering back through our party (while we were just finishing the bird kill). 4 of 6 of our party died, though luckily not me (thanks to Flee and Powers).

If higher level folks were XPing on those tougher gobs, why would they camp in the low level area? And why directly behind us? They could have teleported out if it had been a mispull, but it makes no sense for them to have brought the higher level gobs into the lower level area... into us.

But once we recovered from that, we went back to fighting.


Okay, a question: I had always thought that 2K/hour in an XP party was really bad, but that's the only rate I've gotten since random partying. Is that normal for random parties or have all of mine just sucked thus far?

Time seeking before getting (making) party: 30 minutes (woo!)
Time spent XPing: ~5 hours
XP earned: 12,819
TNL (66): 10K! Yay!

It'd be nice if I could get (make) another party tonight and hit 66.

Oh, and one thing about all this random partying that makes me sad: All the JP/NA stuff. The only people who ever ignore my party requests are JP folks. I always use the auto-translator and I try to be polite about it:

{Hello!} {Experience points} {party} {Bibiki Bay} {Do you need it?}

Last night one JP person replied with "{English} {I don't know}" and I was sitting there like... buh? I didn't /tell in English, and it's not like the party needs to be able to have casual conversation or something... I replied telling her (through the auto-translator) that half the party was JP and half NA, and did she need it? Eventually she accepted, but still... buh?

But it's not like this sort of thing only goes one way. By the end of the night, 4/6 of the party was JP. Just the PLD and I were NA. I had to leave but few people were seeking. I asked the PLD by /tell if she thought a second MNK in the party would be okay (I figured so, but wanted to be sure). She replied that she had to go too, so we should just break the party. I replied that there were four other people and they might want to keep partying, and that there was in fact a PLD of the same level as her seeking... but she just wanted to break. *boggle*

I hate to be cliche about it, but I always feel like "Can't we all just get along?". I can deal with the JP players who put "JP party only" in their search comments (you want to restrict the number of invites you get? You're just hurting yourself...), but why ignore people if you don't want to party? Just reply with {Thanks for the offer but I'll have to pass.} or {No, thanks.} or whatever. And why should NA players not be considerate of JP players? We're all here to XP, can't we just work together to do that?
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