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My intended plan was to keep detailed stats on my time seeking and XPing per level, but that's resulted in nothing but a mess of post-it notes fluttering across my desk. :P

Tonight: Two parties. The first was with the smoker ever-AFK PLD (ugh), the second with Turlos, a MNK I had partied with before (I love inviting MNKs and THFs and DRGs, since they wait so long), and a pair of nice JP mages.

This isn't going to be a long post because I need to get into bed, but on the NA/JP thing: Gods above, the first party (all NA) embarrassed the hell out of me and made me want to slap them silly. All the typical newbie party stuff: People running around attacking random stuff (at level 65!), no one listening, zero communication, etc. The second party was 4/6 NA and worked out so much nicer.

First party:
XP earned: 6,759
Time spent XPing: ~1 hour and 40 minutes.
That's more than 3K/hour! Woo!

Second party:
XP earned: Almost 12K
Time spent XPing: ~3 hours?? Very rough guess.
That's about 4K/hour! Woo woo!

Best was the lack of time spent seeking this level! I got an almost instant invite as soon I logged on this afternoon (though once I got there it was an hour wait to start). And I had just enough time to cook dinner before I pulled the second party together.

Hit 66 with a nice buffer (almost 9K)! Just under 20,000 to 67!

Zzzzz, bed now.

Ha ha, on reading this post before posting it, I wonder if anyone at all is interested in the xp/hour numbers besides me. I just keep track of everything! I love seeing numbers and trends and all that jazz (yet I hate math, go fig!) But for real, zzz now.
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