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Quiet night (FFXI, RL, anime)

Slow night on FFXI tonight, which is just fine. Even though I didn't want to party and did want to Eco/Escort with the LS, I actually had my flag up for an hour. There were zero 67s seeking so I thought my chances of getting a party were good, but see that whole 'not feeling like partying' thing. Eventually I made myself take my flag down.

Problem is, at my average XP (2K/hour) it'll take 13.5 hours of XPing to level to 68. And that's just XPing, forget that for every hour I party I spend at least an hour seeking. ~27 hours of playtime for one single level. :/ That's depressing enough that it makes me not want to even try. (But thanks to Eco and Escort, I made just over 2K experience tonight even though I didn't party. Yay!)

I'm looking into making my search comment more "marketable". I think I'll take out the last line "Pulling/{fishing} = {No thanks.}" and just not carry a ranged weapon. I mean, do all DRKs carry ranged weapons and are ready to pull? Especially if they have a bomb core? I'd think anyone with a bomb core would never carry a ranged weapon. I also set myself "JE" instead of just "E". If asked (in something other than Japanese!) I'll say I thought it meant what I was willing to party with. I hate the idea of lying, but I really need to make myself more attractive to parties. Other than that, all I can do is get my &$*#@&)&$* GS leveled. Hate GS so much. Have I mentioned that yet? :P

CoP static people: Beanie spotted five cluster cores in someone's bazaar, and we'll need two per person, so I bought all five. (You guys might be able to solo them, but I can't. I bought more than just two because I almost never see clusters in the Meadows/Coast so I have three for anyone who can't get their own.)

I'd like to know why S-E changed the cool German names (Jaeger Mantle, Panzer Mask), but left the stupid ones in. I spent 151K for my new great sword: the Zweihander (on me!). Not only did it cost way too much for something I don't want, not only does it have a stupid name, it actually has the nerve to be ugly.

How's this for a pair of sexy guys? Mmmm. Made my night seeing that. ;)

RL: I'm so darned hungry. I was hungry this morning so actually got breakfast, then I had those snacks at work, then I had popcorn for lunch, then I had dinner, but for some reason I'm still starving. Bah.

It's actually stormy out tonight (I think we got loneguardian's wind), which is nice to listen to but annoying to be in. My apartment is seriously drafty. I like wearing shorts year 'round, but tonight my legs are cold.

Anime: I'm three eps behind on Bleach. I have them downloaded, just haven't watched them yet. Bah.

Whoever (hamburger?) told me that Zach Bell would get darker and more serious was right. Last week's (eh, two days ago) was actually enjoyable! With the kitty momoto (or however you spell it, what Zach is). *sniffle*

Still loving the dubbed Naruto, other than Haku's voice. Having what sounds like an adult woman purr about Zabuza's "flawless body" just gives a whole different cast to the relationship. :(

Somehow I've stopped watching the new Yu Gi Oh series. I think they moved the time earlier, now showing it before I get home from work. Sucky.
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