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Gang fights lead to homosexual lovin'... it's a fact!

Sometimes I boggle that I don't recognize I'm dreaming while I'm dreaming. Last night I was part of a gang (made up of current and former co-workers!) and we were going to fight a different gang (made up of the bad guys from a show I watched before bed c.c ). While we were pushing the desks out of the way so we'd have room to fight (we were suddenly in a college classroom for some reason), the guys from the other gang took off their shirts and started rubbing each others chests and playing with nipples and such. I was (unsurprisingly) distracted from my desk-pushing and was eee'ing as I watched them.

And if that wasn't enough, my cat was there. My flying cat. With her big, beautiful wings.

And I just accepted all that as everyday happenings. :P I need more nice dreams like that!


Last night was something of a rush. I didn't have dinner till 9 PM (soon after I logged off FFXI), and I usually go to bed at 10. Having dinner so late made me feel like suddenly the evening was gone. *poof!* I did watch one ep of Bleach (Oh My God, love the "new" (new as of three weeks ago) opening song so much! I never listen to those, I always just fastforward through the openings, but I stopped and listened again!), and gah! Loving the series more and more with each ep! *drool* Ichigo's new outfit is so sexy!

Two more new eps to watch, at least! (I might have one more to download.) Maybe tonight! Best darned anime series I've seen in a long, long, long time. Mmmmmmm.
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