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Lost and WoW (and FFXI)

Finally we get a new ep, and it's all about Shannon? What a cruel, cruel thing to do. I spent the entire ep not watching with more than a quarter of my attention, wishing something would come out of the forest and eat her, smush her, maim her, or just make her vanish. The "love" scenes with her made me sick. What in the world does he see in her? How/why could he love her? Was he hit on the head in the plane crash?

I wish I could believe she's really dead, but they showed so little. I rewatched the end a few times, and while she does have blood on her, it's just a little washed-out blood. Her expression looked like (maybe) she died, but the Lost writers have tricked us and mislead us so often that I won't believe she's dead till they shove her into the grave with Boone.

I wonder if that's why I'm liking the series so much less this season: It's one thing to have mysteries and unanswered questions, but to be outright misleading (as they do in nearly every preview this season) is unfair. Why should I even try to guess if every clue they give could be a total fake?

Played hours of WoW tonight. It was neither exciting nor stressful, so I guess I came out ahead. I'm muchly bored with the game.

I got drunk for the first time, which was interesting (but lasted too long). Cool staggering/blurry vision effects.

I leveled (as I seem to do every time I play 9.9 ), plus I have "rested XP" until nearly 30.

I finally got herbalism up over 125, which I wanted because now I'm running into stuff that needs a minimum of 125 to harvest.

I got not just one new pet, but three: I started with a cougar (1.2 attack speed, nearly the best there is), but it didn't know Claw, so I released it and got a bear. When the bear taught me Claw4, I released it and tamed a new cougar. The cougar's name is the default (Cat) because I'm rather tired of naming these things.

My sense of how hard things are on WoW has been messed up by my long time back on FFXI: I needed to kill a NM hyena (two levels above me), but it had two "bodyguard" hyenas (both the same level as me). At the time I was proud that I was able to successfully kill the NM one without dying to it or the bodyguards, but looking back on it now I recall I've killed things 4-5 levels higher than me before. "Even Match" doesn't mean the same on WoW as it would on FFXI, yet I can't help but think in those terms. (I killed a bunch of "Too Weak"s tonight, trying to finish a quest.)

I guess that's about it. I flirted with a bunch of human girls (I enjoy doing that, I can only imagine what they think of some bull-thing twice the size of them /flirt'ing at them), found some faire (which is where I got drunk), and mostly just puttered about.

I missed FFXI a lot, but I forced myself to stay off tonight because I know if I'm online I'll not be able to keep myself from "just checking" /search... and if there's the makings of a party seeking I'd "have to" put it together. I'll probably be back tomorrow, since I'm bored of WoW.

More and more I find myself drawn to the idea of going back to leveling RDM, though the logic of it makes me sad: I could be a horrible RDM, the worst on the server, and yet parties would still want me once I could refresh (and perhaps before). However, I could be the very best DRK on the server and parties would still not want me. The unfairness of that actually makes me sick to my stomach.

I'm going to try to start ignoring the "fairness" aspect of this. Things are as they are, and making myself sad over it won't help anything. I'll just make my own parties when I can and eventually I'll level.

I do wonder if this is why DRKs angst so much though...
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