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I have the sense of a goose left out in the rain...

Why I start big projects at midnight or later is beyond me. I got it into my head to change the look of my journal, which seemed like a good idea at the time.

I swear I know there's some HTML tag to keep the background "in place" (instead of many copies of it), so that the text scrolls over it and the background stays in place. I want just one copy of the image over there on the left (and not showing through a bit on the right), and hopefully *under* that little box with the extra info in it. I like the little box, but not when it's in the way.

I know (or I think I know) there's a way to make a static table (not using CSS). So I could put the picture and that box on the right side of it, and put all the journal entries on the left side. Then the entries could scroll, but the box and the picture would always be on the left no matter where on the page you are.

Or maybe I'm smoking crack and that's just something you can do in CSS... I'll figure it out in the morning. I've been anti-CSS since the good ol' days at AV. I need to get over that.

Anyway, cat needs her meds and I need my bed. Tomorrow I'll hack at this more.
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