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Posting just to share the torture! (RL then FFXI)

Garthrhrqhoiq. Arg. Look at this post! I have no idea what that cream in the middle is, but whatever it is, it looks yummy! And look at that chocolate! And the cherries! *cries* Look at that chocolate in the first picture! I can see how good it would taste!

That's such an evil community. Such wonderful, wonderful torture. :)


I've decided it's time for me to go to war! Into combat! Camped in with people who want to kill me~! Or rather, my brain has decided that. Yet another night of nearly no sleep, all because I wake up (not just "wake up" snap fully and totally awake) at the slightest noises. I realized that that reaction would be good for being in a war or being an assassin or something like that. It's really annoying otherwise, though.


Third night of less than 5 hours sleep a night. So tired, so very tired.


FFXI: I looked up dark tests, and it seems we can get them from either Gustav Tunnel (Doom Guard, Doom Soldier) or Cape Teriggan (Doom Soldier). Single mobs drop them in QC, Monastic Cavern, and Qulun Dome, but Gustav/Teriggan seem like the easier and better drop rate choice.

I also decided that I'm not going to rush into it too much (as in, not do it as soon as I get my test). I had been intending to wait until I was 499 from hitting 70 and then do it and level up mid-battle (you can hit 70, right? Just not hit 71?), but I'll give in and try it at 499 to 69 instead. I think leveling up in the battle could be important, so I'll wait till then. I think. Maybe. :)

I'm really looking forward to fighting him just so that I can stop thinking about it all the time! Especially now that it's getting closer, I'll go over plans and "what if"s in my head for hours and hours. :/ I'm sick of fighting him and I've never even battled him once yet!

I'm looking forward to XPing less this week (or at least sitting around and doing nothing while seeking parties less).

* I need to farm a metric ton of vines (50+ hi-pots needed -- 30 to sell and at least 20 for my next ENM battle... plus 30 or so for Maat, if I get into range for that).
* I want to take at least one or two trips through the Tree to try to find a coffer for the map.
* Make sure I have a map of Gustav Tunnel. I thought it came out of a coffer, but Alla says it's purchased.
* Take supplies to Cape Teriggan, so I can outpost there for easier test hunting.
* Get a test, if possible.
* Skill up. Still need 30 more levels on my damned GS. Grrrr.

I really want to start leveling RDM soon, but perhaps not quite yet. I had said I'd start when I hit DRK 69, but now I'm thinking DRK 70 so I can wear my ugly great stats O-Hat. Eee!
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