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Lost and FFXI

Bah. New Lost is on, but I find once more I can't just watch it. Must multitask! (...minutes pass... Or maybe I can, I like some of these new characters.) Edit: Man, the writers are so good and so evil!

I bought the last of the stuff I need for Maat, now the complex part is getting (and keeping) myself within 499 XP TNL. I'm @3950 at the moment, and I'm going skilling tomorrow night. I think I might make a couple thousand XP (with band) from that? And o-hat mob killing is Sunday, but I won't get much XP from that. I hate to join an XP party and just stay for an hour, but I might have to do that to get myself to the right place. Oh, and there's Escort on Monday as well, I think I get a little XP from the highest mobs still.

Tonight's party wasn't too good, but it's amazing how "nice people" is coming to mean nearly as much as good XP or people generally playing their jobs well. A JP DRG formed the party, and it was a pretty average setup: NIN, RDM, BLM, DRG, THF, me (DRK). On paper that seemed good, but probably because of our XP mobs (tigers and cockas in that Kuftak Tunnel) the fights were really rough. Multi-minute fights for 130-150 XP. Then the THF had to leave, which left me pulling. (We had a WHM replacing the THF, which made the fights slower, alas.) c.c Luckily all the mobs were in a room straight down a hallway from us. You'd think it would be impossible to get lost that way, which was almost true (I only got turned around once).

The plus side of pulling tigers: Major evasion skillups. :P The minus side: Near death each pull. I came back from every fight at half-life or lower.

I really dislike naming names (of bad people) in non-flocked posts, but this is the second time I'm making an exception to that: Batman (BLM 68) was so bad that I hope he was a bought character, nothing else could explain him. Multiple times he AFKed during battles and without announcing it, once resulting in half the party dying. He did not know what elements his spells were and what should be burst on what. He never once, in the multi-hour party, cast stun (with a NIN tank who kept dying because tigers are so fast). Horrible, horrible player. (I suggested that we boot him, but people only had 30-40 minutes left so we just continued and let him keep on leeching. Bah.)

I wish the auto-translator was more useful. The JP DRG told me (with a smile) to use Souleater, but hate was so slippery there was no way in hell I would do that. (Finally, near the end, I did once (because I do love the move) and I nearly died. Got hate and went down to double-digit HP.) Before I used SE I had wanted to explain why I didn't want to, but couldn't come up with anything that made sense. (Why isn't "hate" in the translator?)

I lost my paper with the exact numbers, but made about 8K in 3 hours (with XP band). Not great numbers, but I personally never died, so it's all good. (Also, very oddly, I'm suddenly getting invites soon after seeking! So nice!) 69 is so close! Just 4K away! It's so hard not to get it now and just fight Maat as 69. :P

Thursday: Skilling in the Tree, all welcome!
Friday: Hopefully Test hunting, if more people are free (have Draque and I right now.)
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