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The two best words in the whole game! (FFXI)

Maat Masher. The two best words in the whole entire game. :D :D :D :D While I had fully intended to wait until Monday to fight him so I could level up mid-battle, getting a test was so easy today (much love to Draque and Aurian!) that I decided I could just try now. (That and the fact that I had made 30 hi-pots and didn't want to send them to mules and then need to resend them all back to me in a couple days.)

I swear to god, I've never been so nervous in all of my life! :) I've been in car accidents, SATs for college, and I don't think my heart ever pounded so hard! (Know that cliche description some writers use, about one's heart trying to pound its way out of the owner's chest? I swear, that's how it felt. :) )

I'm tempted to say the fight was easy, but it wasn't. It felt "easy" because he didn't do anything I hadn't gone over in my head a thousand times already. I had my battle plan printed out on paper, and followed every step (other than forgetting to eat my au lait in the beginning, I noticed I still had it and ate it near the end of the fight. :P ). As far as I can tell (I need to look at the log file again) Maat never did any MNK WSs. *boggle* I thought he always used them? He did use Maat Bash on me three times, which was annoying as hell (and kept me from SCing with myself, bah!). He also used my own job's 2hr, but as soon as I saw it I hit the * button to unlock myself and kited him. He only got one or two drain-hits in.

I never Souleater'ed or Last Resort'ed. I did use my own two hour, but it wasn't as necessary as it might have been. I used maybe 7? 8? hi-pots (need to re-count from the log) and my vile elixer +1. My absorb spells and bio IIs stuck, poison did not. (I'll post the exact logs tomorrow or later, it's late tonight.)

(I swear, more than half of that time was spent sleeping/resting/using objects and stuff. The fight was short, basically just long enough for me to get TP for a third WS. Sleeping to 100% for the first one, I Wing for the second, then hitting to get TP for the third.)

So after beating him (EEEEE!) I had no reason not to level up, so I ran off and did the Pulling the Strings solo ENM BC! I swear, both this time and the first time doing it were much much harder than Maat. I used hi-pots non-stop (easily twice or three times what I used in Maat). And nicely, this time I won on the first gamble, so paid only 10K + 2K to get in!

And eeee, I won again! So I leveled up to 69! EEEEEEEEE! Not only did I win and get the 2,000 XP, I got the DRK ring! Which is so rare to get!

A few screenshots!

Here's how I look in my full set of Thick armor and new body piece! Eeee! (Still ugly mask for one more level, though. Blech.)

Here's a sneaky preview of how I'll look for the rest of the game. That's not really an O-Hat, it's the funguar hat I got long long ago. Same model though!

And lastly, my wonderful DRK only TP-regen Tactical Ring! I should have put my Slayer's Ring (the level 50 DRK-only, BC-gotten ring) in the other slot! :D :D :D

I'm so happy! And so, um, finished now! I've met all of my goals (beating Maat, hitting 69 so I could wear all my good armor), so I guess I can quit now. Ha ha ha!

So very very happy. :D

Edit: Must get buffer before Sunday. Beanie and Niala: I'll send your stuff back tomorrow, I logged off too quickly tonight. Thanks again to you two and everyone! *snugs and smooches all!*
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