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Zzzz and yay! (mostly FFXI)

One day I'll be able to start a post with something other than "zzzz, so tired", but today isn't that day. Couldn't sleep last night, and actually got up an hour earlier than I would have if this were a work morning. Got maybe 3? hours of "sleep" last night. zzzzzzzz

Once I went to bed last night, I realized something odd about the Maat fight: I never looked up at the fight animation, not even once. I have zero screenshots of it. I don't even know if he was holding a weapon or not! I assumed he was holding a scythe, but I never looked/saw. I have Fraps paid for and had intended to record the fight, but was already lagging and didn't want to make that worse. (Yes, I could fight him again, but unless I just happen upon a test I doubt I will.)

This screenshot of pre-fight cutscene made me giggle endlessly. I've always had such a crush on Wolfgang, so when Maat commented that I could eat him for breakfast I was like "Oh yes please!". Heehee.

Used in Maat:
1 taco
4 sleeping potions
6 hi-pots
1 persikos au lait
1 vile elixir +1
Charges on: blink band, haste belt, reraise earring.

Used on last night's Pulling the Strings BC:
1 taco
12 hi-pots
1 pineapple juice
Charges on: blink band, haste belt.

This time the dice rolls in Pulling went:
1) Mannequin got attack boost.
2) Mannequin gained 170 TP. :(
3) I got defense boost.
4) I gained 130 TP! Woo!
5) Mannequin's TP raised to 300!
6) Something else, one of those "start rolls", "end rolls", but no results show in my log. I suspect the mannequin's recast timers were reset, because he weapon bashed me again and it shouldn't have been cooled yet.

So (again) the mannequin came out ahead on the dice rolls, but by using a hi-pot between nearly every swing, I won. Since I now have the DRK ring and this is rather expensive for 2K XP, I don't think I'll be doing it again. It is a fun fight though, so maybe I will give in and do it now and then.

Long before the fight, Zub and I had a comments-war. I do believe that I won~! At least until the final round. *shakes fist*

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