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Lazy Sunday (FFXI only, surprised?)

(Non-players: In FFXI you tend to do big tasks with a group of people: your linkshell (LS). LSs are sort of like guilds in other games, or a group's channel on a MU*. There are thousands of LSs on a server. A HNM LS is a LS for very high level people. They tend to do bigger tasks and kill bigger things. Some people consider them to be "better" players than non-HNM LS people. Keep that fact in mind.)

So this morning we gathered to get the rest of our O-Hats done. (For each O-Hat a monster had to be spawned and killed: this monster, the one in the middle of the mess of people.) Unlike last week, we had some trouble getting to the spot (a person's sneak fell in a bad place and we got aggro... then more aggro. I think we had 2? 3? deaths.) But eventually we got to the spot! ...only to find another group there before us. Unfortunately it was a BST alliance. They said they had to kill the one they were on and one after, so we pulled back (so as not to lag them) and waited. And waited. And waited. An hour later they killed that first one. Grrr. They started their second one... and an hour later it was dead. Grrrrr grrrrr. And then surprise! They had to do another! (These fights take about 15 minutes for "normal" parties/us to do.)

While we were waiting for them to kill the third one, a HNM LS showed up. Oh joy, oh joy. No matter that we were there first and waiting for nearly three hours at that point, they didn't want to wait. (Because why should they?) But they "allowed" us to take turns and alternate fights with them. What choice did we have? We know how many HNM LSs play (crowding people to lag fights, MPK, and other dirty stuff) so we had to agree. (The BSTs were having trouble as we tried to work all this out. An hour into their third fight and the mob was still at 60% life.)

Finally, finally the BSTs killed it (or all died, who knows). The leader of the HNM LS had agreed to let us take the first battle... but he couldn't control his own members and one of them was there trying to steal the ??? when it popped. (He kept calling his members back, using /shout even!, and they just didn't listen. *rolls eyes*) Here's where the funny part comes:

One of our SMNs used his avatar to do Earthen Ward (a group stoneskin move, stoneskin protects people from taking damage). He had to do this on top of the idiot who was trying to steal the ???, because that's where our tank/popper was standing. Avatars are big giant glowy things. You cannot miss them.

A normal million eyes mob popped and aggroed them. It did some AOE move. Our tank took no damage (of course). What did the ???-stealer do? He threatened in /say to call a GM because our tank was "haxoring" the game to take no damage from things. Many of our people pointed out that she had stoneskin. His next question? "how pld have stoneskin".

Damned idiots. But we got the first ???/pop and killed the mob and Aurian got her hat. At that point we had spent 4-5 hours there and people needed to leave.

The only plus side was that some folks walked away with all the idle killing we did with nice drops: We got like 6? 7? wooden eyes, and most of them went to people on our LS (we were working with one other LS for these runs). A bunch of spells dropped, too. I only got a grand total of 4 dark crystals, but I didn't die so I'm happy enough.

Well. That was a rather long-winded telling of the story, wasn't it? I'll make the rest shorter:

Once we were done I hit Jeuno, and I ran into the ugliest elf ever. Glasses usually make people so much sexier, and I believe that's BLM AF2?, but I really hate his hair and that whole outfit looks so horrible together.

Oh! While were were killing stuff and waiting for the hat mob, we killed a NM! Ogama, a rotten flesh thingie. Is that the family name? Rotten flesh? Whatever, he was ugly and we killed him. He dropped some NIN sword.

After that I farmed for a while, and then nice zubis pulled together a ZM6 run. And, by the way, I totally blame him. I kind of, sort of like Spinning Slash. This stupid GS is growing on me, and it's all his fault.

I do 1K+ damage on mobs I'm farming all the time, but I've never done it (without stacking Last Resort or Souleater) on an XP or mission mob. That's Spinning Slash with just SATA, nothing more. Then we went and killed a bunch of EP+ stuff after the mission, and I was doing 850-950 with every WS. Hit 1K when I added SE or LS. c.c GS is still 20 levels under scythe, too. The darned thing is growing on me. I can't wait to see what it does to XP mobs, and what it does once I cap GS...

While running through QC we saw mirramithra and company! :D Oh, and Mirra, I finally saw the pretty little yellow butterflies in Rolanberry Fields!

This last screenshot is just horrible. No LS people should look at it! I wanted a shot of how pretty the colors in the ZM cutscene were, but I only took one screenshot. This is it -- only non-players and non-LS people should look! (Oh, and the text is spoilery, so don't read it if you don't want to be spoiled on ZM mission stuff.)

EDIT: *sob* So broke now. So broke. So very broke.

GS. +13 att, +5 acc, additional effect: dispel. (Level 70, so next level I can start using it.) *cries* I've not been this poor in... ages. I just took all my money off my mules this morning, too.
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