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RL and then FFXI

It's sort of surprising to suddenly find a giant penis in front of your face. Sometimes I open Firefox windows and then get back into the game and forget what I have open, only to tab back to the browser and run face-first into something like this image (NOT WORK SAFE). Just tends to surprise me a tad. :P

I like how the one guy has a hole in his shirt perfectly placed to expose his nipple. Ride 'im, cowboys! (NOT WORK SAFE image.)

Believe it or not, these images don't belong to me. They come from a blogger in NYC (Little in his journal is work safe! Many displayed NWS images!), a very interesting gay fellow who sells a lot of adult stuff on eBay. Unfortunately he hasn't been writing as much in the last few months, just posting images of stuff he has for sale. But hey, if you ever find yourself lacking in pictures of mostly naked men, that's the link you'll want to have!

In unrelated news, I can't believe how badly I ate today. I had chocolate not once, but twice! And the worst part: For the last year or so, when I eat high-sugar things (candy, cake, chocolate) it makes me feel sick. It's too sweet, it makes me want to throw up. But today I ate chocolate twice and felt fine, which means my body quickly readjusted to getting high sugar crap. :( I've been "a little bad" a lot lately, but today I was just awful. I need to get that under control very, very soon.


I got a fun screenshot of three of us after tonight's Escort run. Looks like Yossy, Sylf, and I have arms linked and are strolling along together. I wonder when I'll stop boggling at myself in my high level armor? It just doesn't look like me, only high level DRKs can wear that stuff! And I'm little!

And I sort of have to laugh at myself. For a long time I've been mentally kicking DRKs who XP in their AF (there's so much better stuff out there!), but I might have to start wearing my AF hat during XP. (Eh, at least till I level once, then I'll be wearing my o-hat c.c .) The problem is, I have like +74 or +76 attack, and so much less +str. At 72 I'll get two +4 str rings, but that's a long long time off. I'm not skimping on +acc (I'm at +60 acc with food, +50 without it), but I'm just... unbalanced. Or at least I think I must be. Is it known how much str you should have per att? How much dex per acc?

Tonight was another casual night. A rougher-than-usual LS Eco run, then a smooth Escort run (other than poor Nif not having accepted the quest). Tomorrow I need to XP, gosh darned it. I've not XPed since... Friday? Thursday? I got an invite tonight (while not seeking), but it was a half-hour before I had to go so I couldn't take it. Hopefully I'll get one tomorrow, I'm about 25K to 70. (Gah, eek, that cannot be right. How in the world could I be close to level 70? That's insane and makes no sense! I'm little!)
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