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Bored at work, Maat ponderings.

It was sad going home for lunch and seeing my apartment's parking lot full. So many people off, me not one of them. We'll probably get let home "early" which will be the time I usually leave. I come in early, unlike the rest of these slackers who wander in at 10 AM or later...

But Maat! I realized two is a rather small sample size, but I just watched a video of a DRK Maat fight and saw no WSs used by Maat. I wonder... could DRK Maat not use WSs? That would be rather boggling.

The DRK in the fight was a Galka, so what he did really couldn't apply to my fight, but it was still interesting. He used a blink band and attack food, slept to 100%. Went in and Souleater'ed + Guillotine (the thought alone made me panic, but I suppose the blink band would have kept him alive at this point). Ate an I Wing, Guillotined again. At that point, both him and Maat had nearly no HP. He used an XP scroll to level up and full HP/MP, then WSed again. (I'm not sure how he got TP for that third Guillotine, either the video was cut or ... two Guillotines couldn't have gotten him up to 100% TP again so I don't know). As in my fight, Maat didn't survive three Guillotines.

On one hand I'm still kicking myself that I hadn't waited and used an XP scroll to level mid-battle (it really is such a good idea!), but on the other hand: I beat him, so what's to kick myself over? :P

Know what's funny? I really want to go fight him again. And I want to do the Pulling the Strings solo ENM BC again, too. Must resist though! I need to sell all the meds I make and save money, not spend it needlessly! I just love love love these one-on-one big fights. Working with a team is great (much love for my CoP static!), but doing a big fight on my own, no one to depend on but me, is just utterly amazing. I love it. :)

Also: Must try to organize the last two ZM mission fights soon. Going to need Sky access soon. (Eek.)
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