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Bah and grumble, and woo (FFXI, FFXI, and Lost)

Yay new Lost! About the only thing that's went well since I left work. (Edit: *sniffle* Lost almost makes the whole night worth it. What an ending!)

Time spent seeking party: 5.5 hours.
Time spent partying: 2.5 hours.
XP made: 7.5K (with band)
XP/hour: 3K

Even though my XP/hour was better than average, the whole party sucked more ass than probably all my other random parties put together. A tank who did not provoke. Me pulling. Me pulling tigers. Me pulling tigers who are a hell of a lot faster than me and who kicked my ass on the whole run back, let alone that the damned tank did not provoke it off me. I got down as low as 50 HP in my pulls! (No exaggeration, the damned cats hit me 2-3 times once I was standing in camp. I cannot take hits! But he was JP and apparently understood neither English nor the auto-translator. *roll eyes*)

But hey, the BLM taught me a good lesson in hate management: When you have hate, the very best thing you can do is cast an -age III. *more rolling eyes* (Edit: To be fair, I don't know how much of this issue was the BLM and how much was the sucky NIN. The BLM did use -age III spells multiple times a fight, but the NIN didn't even provoke, so who knows!)

I've never had a good party experience in Kuftal Tunnel. I hate that place endlessly. Each fight is so much harder than in Bibiki Bay or the Tree, and the XP is exactly the same. Hated Kuftal Tunnel + hated NIN tanks + pulling = *$(*#@~*$)(~*$)

On the (very small) plus side, I got to use Spinning Slash in maybe two or three fights. (Then they figured out that the announced SC wasn't really a SC. *more rolling eyes*) Alas it did only 400-500 damage (with TA only, not SA). I need to skill it more.

I got a hell of a lot of evasion skillups though. *more rolling eyes*

I'm @4.5K to 70, but at this point in time I really want to say to hell with it. I could do the solo ENM fight this week and again on Sunday, then have XP scrolls on Monday. Assuming I win both fights, I could level that way (but wouldn't have a buffer) :/ As bad as seeking a party was today, I bet it'll be worse trying tomorrow (Thanksgiving).

And once more: No dinner. $#@($~*$

Bah, bah, bah.
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