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And now for something completely different: A FFXI post!

Happily today was totally different than yesterday. During the emergency downtime this morning I did my laundry and made pancakes (mmmmmmmmmm!), and when the servers came back up I went skilling with merrkitty. Was fun and got XP and a couple more greatsword levels!

After that I looked at the /search and saw probably enough to make an XP party, but didn't feel like doing it myself (and I'm still highly unsure of having a RDM as main healer) so I went farming. As soon as I stepped into where I wanted to farm I got an invite. :P Someone else put the exact same party together that I had been pondering.

For one of the first times ever, it was a good party. Usually "good" just means "not bad" or "not full of people so stupid I want to stab them", this was actually a good party! I have no idea our XP/hour because I'm sick as a dog and didn't check the time before we started, but I'd put money on it being about 5K/hr. Between a RNG and a light skillchain we were mowing dhalmels down. I love XPing in Bibiki Bay almost as much as I hate XPing in Kuftal Tunnel. At worst, the fights take a while (dhalmels hard to hit/healing themselves), but I never find them so totally deadly as I do the ones I've had in the Tunnel. (Plus I can steal gold beastcoins in the Bay! I got two today, which is seriously impressive since we only battled three gobs total!) Anyway, I hit 70 and have a nice buffer!

While I feel like a traitor saying so: I love my GS. Or rather, my new one. The old ugly one can take a flying f', but this new one is not only sexy looking, the stats are nice and the dispel effect rocks.

When I hit 70 I put on my o-hat and new GS. Mmm, sunsets in the bay are so pretty! Look at that sky!

Since I hit my very last goal in the game (70, so I can wear my o-hat and new sword), I am now totally and 100% free to do nothing at all! I know 75 is the highest level, but ... it'd be nice to hit it one day, but I don't feel driven to do it. Now I'm going to just sit back, relax, make money, and do nothing I don't want to!

As part of that, tonight I went to do some idle farming and play with my new sword more. Why yes, you do spin when using Spinning Slash! Look at that shot and admire my GS! ;) It looks more like I'm dancing than killing stuff. :P The jewel in the butt of the handle is really so pretty! And its shape is so cool! I now wear that while walking around town instead of my V's Scythe. :/ I feel like a bad DRK for liking my GS better, but Spinning Slash does such nice damage!

And an amusing little thing, I thought of zubis while having this conversation: Loth was the RNG in my party today, and she asked if my DRK static party was dead. When I said it was, she wondered if she, ... um, that H-something BRD/crafter on CTY, and myself should try to make another static. I actually said I didn't think I was interested. :/ A static is nice, the XP is almost always so so so so much better, there's so much less wasted time seeking parties, you don't have to deal with idiots, but... but. I like the freedom of being able to XP whenever I like. And in some ways it's ... well. I've learned quite a bit working with other people/jobs. (I'm still boggling that RDMs/SMNs really can work just as well as a WHM as main healer. That's not how I was "brought up"!) I never thought I'd say no to the chance at another static. :(

How's this for a Mea chocobo, and this was a half-day after the downtime, too:

See, LS people? ;)

loneguardian, this is for you. Sadly more DRGs have had stupid/awful text in their macros than DRKs, though hmmm, I suppose I've never partied with another DRK yet...
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