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I think, perhaps, I am a masochist... (FFXI)

So today was the first day of what was to be my "perma-vacation" on FFXI: No pressure to XP or to level, to not do anything I didn't want to do, to not be forced to do anything... and boy was I bored. :P I miss the pressure of having goals and stuff!

I started the day trying to do some quests (to get rid of rare/ex quest crap I had in storage), but after running around for an hour or so I gave up. The quests had too many quests needing to be done first, and it was all just too much work, so I dropped the items back in storage.

Avie logged on and I helped her with Bastok Whatever-Number Mission: killing 20 Copper Quads in that ugly rusty-water place. That was about the only real excitement of the day. :P She also needed the drop for the Rank 5 thingie from the Quad NM deeper in. Quite handily, some idiot trained half the quads in the zone, including that NM! I had never, ever seen such a big train before. I succeeded in getting the NM (and a pack of only 5 of his 50 or so friends) away from the others, and I killed it for her. Whee! Plus we saw a DRK NM, so I killed that, too. If there's one thing I'm good at, it's killing! :P

After that I farmed here and there (hours of farming...) and got bored again. I needed goblin masks to desynth to make prism powder out of, so I decided to try mining in Oldtown Mob-whatever for the first time. Amazingly, on my very first swing I got a gold ore! Nice! Even though I ended the night with two gold ores and a bunch of moblin armor parts, I'm still very "meh" about the whole thing. Mining is boring and usually ugly, though at least Oldton is somewhat more interesting than other tunnels. My biggest problem was that I wanted to stop and kill the mobs, but I know how badly they link so I resisted. c.c

I have some screenshots, but no time to edit them. Tomorrow, maybe... though I really need to figure out what to do tomorrow besides edit them...
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