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Eee! Kitty eyes! (RL, FFXI)

Since I hadn't liked the first Shrek movie, I didn't watch the second... until tonight. While the Donkey is still annoying as heck, I'm totally loving the rest of the movie! The animation is just amazing (I keep forgetting it's animated and not real). And eee, the cat! I had seen screenshots of him making big kitty-eyes, but it didn't have the effect it did of seeing it in the movie. :)

I took a break in the middle of the day to go out for lunch, and while it wasn't all that great it was still nice not to be so tied to the game that I couldn't go out if I wanted to. Did a little more Christmas shopping, too! Nearly done.


And speaking of the game: I spent many, many hours mining. It's not fun, but the money's nice. Still mostly bored though. Went and did an Escort run with some LS folks this evening, which was fun.

On a non-too weak mob, no Souleater or Last Resort:

Rarr! That's not quite a XP mob, but I'm getting close! I really want to start breaking 1K on XP mobs on a more regular basis. (I just got two +str rings, which should help.)

Related to that:

Woot! My next goal is to get my attack to be double my defense (without food, if possible). I'd rather not accomplish that by dropping my defense, either. :P

This amused me, though non-FFXI people won't see the true humor in it (sorry) :

If only I could bazaar the Jelly, it'd be a perfect match for the lube grease zubis gave me!

The NM Quad from yesterday. Heh, I forgot to take a shot of him when he was alive, so you get him dead at my feet. Got the drop (Power Bow.)
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