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Slow yet exciting day (FFXI mostly)

Blarg. Yesterday I was feeling better, but today I'm feeling sick again. If that's not bad enough, it's back to work tomorrow -- back to sitting in the blasting air conditioning when it's cold enough outside to see your breath. Grrr. Everyone keeps complaining, but something in the building is broken and no one (building owners, managers, various repair people) can figure out what. Bah.


Since I really like to do the solo ENM BC (Pulling the Strings), and since my money was slowly, slowly crawling up towards a more comfortable level, I decided to do it today if I farmed 20 vines for 20 hi-pots first (I've used as many as 16 in one attempt, so 20 should be safe). With 20 hi-pots in hand, I headed off to the BC!

Luckily I made it through the gamble on the first try, so paid only 10K (+2K) for the teleport to the BC. While this was the roughest Strings fight I've had so far (the dice were badly, badly against me), I won!

Ate a taco, used blink band and haste belt. For the first time I wore my +str rings instead of sniper's. Opened with a Bio II, Absorb-VIT, and Poison II (the last one is always resisted for some reason...), then we started swinging.

Dice rolls:
1) Mannequin got defense boost.
2) Mannequin got defense boost.
3) The worst roll possible (the one with the 'Yay-yay! Yay-yay! Not your lucky day!' text) -- mannequin 2HRed on me. I stunned and weapon bashed, but he still got two draining swings in. :(
4) Mannequin's TP raised to 300% (this was right after he WSed me, too!).
5) My TP raised by 100%.
6) I got an attack boost. (And the fight ended before it took effect, so it was a waste.)

I got just the 2K XP, but that's fine. I can't get another DRK ring, so it's no biggie that one wasn't awarded to me.

After that I went out to help merrkitty get the chip needed for the CoP mission. We went to the uncapped tower, which was highly exciting. :P The ele fights were really hard (they were DC to me, EP to her), but the lizards weren't bad at all.

And hey, what was that about me hoping to break 1K more often? :P These are with only Sneak Attack, no Souleater or Last Resort. The mobs conned DC, so not quite XP mobs but better than EP/TW.

Both had the light SC damage, but the first screenshot had LS text between the WS damage and the SC damage, so I just cut out the one part. *does the happy happy DD dance*

So once we got done, I heard a little voice in my head: Hey, I notice you're not twitching over how poor you are anymore!
Me: Shut up. I still have only a quarter of the money I need to feel "comfortable", so I'm still poor.
The voice: But you're not twitching! So it must be okay! Let's go make a big purchase and fix that!

Before I could stop it, that voice dragged my body out and bought the last four mannequins I hadn't had yet. And now I'm back to twitching again. I'm usually so much better than this, I do not impulse-buy! ...except this one time. But I needed space and I figured if I bought the last four now I, um, wouldn't need to think about buying them in the future... (That sort of made sense at the time.)

At first I was going to only buy two of them, the Elf F and the Galka. When I got home with them I noticed how, um, slutty the Elf F looked: Could you spread your legs a little wider? I can't quite count all your hairs yet...

I went back to the mannequin shop to check out the other poses for her, and while there I slipped and bought the Taru M and F. It was an accident, honest! (And there were no better poses for the Elf F, so I left her like that. However, if you look at her head-on instead of from the side, she looks a lot better.)

My finished house: The right side, AKA: I own a darned lot of scythes. And the left side: The sexy side-- eh, what's the Galka doing over there?! Maybe I should switch the Galka and the Elf F...

So tomorrow is Escort and Eco with the LS, then I suppose on Tuesday I might go back to XPing some. Or hmm, maybe I should spend another week making money first, since *cough* somehow I spent it all tonight.
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