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Quickie update (Lost and FFXI)

I love Eko because he's Locke minus the religious fanaticism. I wish I had his exact quote, but it was something like "Don't credit to fate that which is really coincidence" (his wording was a lot better). Because really, you could just see Locke's face light up with his insane religious belief in the island (or rather "the Island").

Still hating Kate muchly, and not liking Kate/Sawyer much either. Loved the pretty horse, and I bet you dollars to donuts that someone is screwing with Michael's head and that isn't really Walt on the computer.

I've not mentioned FFXI lately because nothing exciting is happening at all. I've spent the last three days mining, trying to build up my cash reserve again. Over three days I've gotten a grand total of 1 darksteel ore, 2 gold ores, and 2 plat ores (plus a ton of assorted moblin armor bits and lesser ores). Mining 4-5 hours a night, three nights. The only thing that keeps it from utterly putting me to sleep is that the tabbing=crashing bug hits me every 20 minutes or so. *rolls eyes*

I might go XPing tomorrow night, but... I don't know. I almost feel like I lost my taste for it (or is it "nerve for it"?), after being away for it for a week. I need to get back to it eventually though...
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