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The Starlight Celebration and stuff (FFXI)

The Christmas/holiday season has been announced. They have "presents galore" for us, but I'm not sure how the event sounds:

Then we thought, "Who better to find an adventurer than another adventurer?"
We'll employ your services to deliver all the greeting cards we have prepared, which can then be exchanged for a wonderful gift, kupo!

As long as the person is in the same zone as you, I suppose that'll be ... okay. Lots of shouting. Hopefully the person/people you need to find won't be in other cities or something. Sheesh. I hope the gifts are worth it.


Last night was profitable but uneventful. Went mining (got two plat ores and a gold ore, among other things). Since I can now mine those rocks I need, I can make pellet belts out the wazoo, too. Made five last night, will make more soon. (They sell for 15K in Jeuno, so yay.) The ores and all the moblin bits sold overnight, netting me about 300K. Now I just have to not spend that money... except I have to. :/ I need to buy my level 72 rings, plus a new scythe too. And I have to look at upgrading my GS, but I'm worried what the cost will be so I haven't even checked yet.

I'm very happy I leveled my goldsmithing: being able to process silver ore in the field is highly handy (even if I still fail more than I succeed). It's amazing how much silver ingots sell for, too. o.O

After mining I decided to do something "fun", which I ended up laughing at myself over. I've not seen/killed a NM in a while, so I decided to camp one. Just a simple one: Golden Bat in the Dunes. I killed normal bats for nearly two hours, but he never showed up. :/ While it wasn't fun, it was mostly non-stressful, which was good enough.

Tonight I suppose I'll do another mining run (bah) and then do ... something else. I need to get my scythe of trials cleared too, plus I'd like to skill my GS more...
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