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FFXI: An image so horrible I can't think of a subject line

While waiting for the airship to Bastok I felt a cold chill run down my back. I glanced over my shoulder and saw this. Quickly I faced forward again, kept my eyes firmly ahead, and prayed for the airship to arrive and whisk me away.

Unfortunately he got on the airship as well, and when it zoned and we all respawned, I felt him behind me. Close behind me.

I squeezed my eyes shut and kept them that way the whole time.


Bah. Another boring and uneventful night. Mined half the night (got a plat ore, a gold ore, and assorted moblin bits), then spent more than four hours camping a one hour lottery pop NM. Damned thing never showed. I killed placeholders each time they popped, every five minutes for all those hours, but no NM. Grrrr. I'm not wasting my time on that anymore.

I really do wonder if there are hidden levels in mining. I bring five stacks of picks out every time, and they only last me 2-3 hours. I zone once an hour and I run around and hit different points. I really think I'm using more picks than other folks use. (They're not that expensive so I'm not worried about the money end of things, just curious about secret level stuff. We know they exist in chocobo digging, so it seems reasonable that they might exist in other stuff.)

Auri-Ead-Draque-Chip-Ni static people: Aurian's going to be doing other stuff tomorrow night, right? Do you all want me? Are you meeting? Either way is cool, I just need to know ahead of time so I can plan my evening. (I might actually do something else tomorrow if I'm not needed! Gasp in amazement! Non-FFXI stuff!)
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