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"FFXI post", "quickie post", or "zzzz". You pick the subject line!

A rather unproductive day on FFXI. We started out trying to get Diabolos for Draque, but we failed pretty badly. (It was our CoP static, so we had won this fight before, but he just kicked our asses pretty soundly this time.) Luckily we got a R3 outside of the BC, so the XP loss wasn't too bad.

Then I spent the next three hours seeking an XP party, but of course didn't get one. 9.9 Day three of no invites. On the "plus" side (ha ha ha), the DRK 71 whose name is D-something (thus he appears above me on the invite list) got yet another party tonight and has leveled to 72. Eventually he'll be far enough ahead that I'll be able to get one. His stats are way lower than mine (I'm talking 40 lower att and 20 lower acc than me -- we both display them in our search comment), he's lower rank... but he's way higher on the search list than me, so he's gotten four parties (that I've seen, so maybe more) while I've still gotten zero.

Then I went to XP my NPC/farm gigas socks. He's nearly to level 39, but didn't ding tonight. For some reason I can't get the next quest in the series (the one after the "feed your NPC the most expensive food in the game!" quest), I need to check a guide to make sure I'm not missing a step or something.

Just two screenshots tonight:

We died so quickly we forgot to fall down! Check out our HP, we're all at 0, but I'm mid-swing and Aurian hadn't fallen yet. :P I really feel bad about the battle (and rather "loldrk"), I just couldn't hit him. I still had only 80% TP when Aurian had 300%. And, unsurprisingly, my absorb spells were all resisted. He still had about 40% to 50% of his life when we died.

The only highlight of the night was this:

*DROOL* *DROOL* *DROOL* 1,700+ damage! From a WS! From a scythe WS! At ichiban_'s suggestion I tried getting it up to 300% TP (I had only tested it at 100% before) and SAing onto a mob. (Tigers outside of Jeuno were my test subjects. Poor kitties!) I got up to 300% four times, and did 1,700+ each time! *boggle* No Last Resort, no Souleater, no food, no absorb-STR used, just SA and WS. This might be something we want to do in the CoP Snoll BC. I can put my opo-opo necklace on and sleep to 300%. Then we'll just have to hope I don't miss. :P
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