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Finally! A good day! (FFXI)

Tired of waiting to be invited, I decided to attempt to make my own party. (I'd been burned so many times doing that in the past that I had stopped trying for the last week or two.) I should have stuck to that! Darned party fell apart (because the &*$#!&$ RDM disconnected) before we even all gathered.

Went back to seeking, farming as I waited. Hours later I got an odd /tell (it seemed like he was just using me for SC information), but in the end it turned into an invite! YAY! We started out going to Ro'Mav-whatever and had a few kills there. Awful getting to camp, but the XP was okay once we got there. Unfortunately Stefoni was in our party, and when she wasn't telling people how to play their jobs she was complaining. So soon after getting there, we moved to the Bay. (Yay! My favorite place to XP!) Alas the XP was actually worse there, but I hit 72! Finally! Yay!

People had to leave so started getting replacements for themselves... but Stefoni decided to break the party instead. With replacements in the zone. (She hadn't been the original leader, but asked for the dot once he was leaving.) Such a mean thing to do, and I apologized endlessly to these poor people. But at least we lasted long enough for me to get my level! Not even a hint of a buffer though, I'm 66 XP into level. :P Maybe if I'm really lucky with Eco and Escort reward I'll get a buffer.

(Edit: I keep wanting to come back and edit this post, take the name out. I really don't like using names, even when the person is bad, but man. She's the most unpleasant person I've ever partied with, and not just once either. This is the second time she's been such a ... well, "bitch" is about the only word that fairly describes her. Telling people how to play their jobs, complaining endlessly, and caring nothing about other people. And just as when I had partied with her when she was a DRG, she was a pretty poor BRD, too. All this is in my opinion, of course.)

So now that I've leveled I can take another short break! I spent the rest of the day doing "fun" farming, RL stuff, and XPing my NPC. Mostly just relaxing and enjoying the game (finally).

I was planning on going and leveling RDM tomorrow, but it's going to be a new moon so I might just spend the day crafting instead. I have 15 stacks of lumber and 15 stacks of bolt heads, plus other crafting that should be done over the new moon. I might go back to leveling DRK as soon as Tuesday, but I'm not sure. I might need more of a break before going back to ever-seeking, but I need a buffer, too.
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