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Screenshot time! (FFXI)

Nothing of excitement has been happening lately. While I spent three hours seeking a party and got no invites, Eco and Escort treated me well and now I have a buffer. That's outstandingly good, as I felt like I was walking on eggshells being only 66 into level.

Here are random screenshots that I've taken over the last week or so and haven't had time to edit/post:

Draque's got an odd sense of Christmas spirit! And *grumble* I look so young next to him! I picked this character model for that reason way back when I was starting out, but now I really want a beard. :P

A ray of sunshine... or two! I've been spending a lot of time in the Coast lately (an hour or two nearly every day) farming and XPing my NPC (he's 40 and "so close I can almost taste it" to 41). The sky there is so different than other places in the game! I never saw this sun effect before. Cool!

Snuggle bunny! Last night I was really, really, really bored, so I put on my bunny costume and went out and ran around. That fireworks seller (Diaz?) happened to be in Sandy, and since he's rather hot I sat in his lap for a while~

"and since he's rather hot I sat in his lap for a while~" I don't think Des even has a LJ, so he won't be able to twitch at this. :P Maybe he'll see my CTY post though! Heh heh heh. Des's model is the only elf model that melts me into a little puddle of eee'ing goo.

There seems to be a new Japanese LS running around, and their Engrish makes me smile every time I see it:

(The LS is called PreciousOne, and all their members have that same text in their bazaar message.)

The Dunes can be so pretty! I love the sun effects in this game so much.

And last and least: Shikigami Weapon. If I ever update my NM page, I'll use that screenshot for it. Darned page is a pain though and it's way out of date.
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