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*restless* (FFXI)

(Edit: Eep! I went to clean the kitchen after posting and found I left the mayo on the counter. Does anyone know if leaving it out for three and a half hours would mean I should throw it away? Is that long enough for it to go bad?)

I'm not sure if it's the RL time of year, a wacky mood of mine, or what, but I was thinking a lot about FFXI stuff tonight. I got a party pretty quickly after putting my flag up, but:

1) Even a couple hours of partying put such a tiny dent into my TNL. (Made about 7K in about 3 hours: better than average XP for me, sadly.) Have about 9K, need about 27K more to level?
2) I'm not sure why it feels like I'm just "remembering" this now since I've never really forgotten it: but partying is darned boring and not fun. Kill the same mob every minute or two for a couple hours. Each kill involves me doing the same stuff in the same order. Yawn.
3) This is the biggest one: I got a strong "what's the point of all this?" feeling tonight. I'm level 72. At 73 I switch out my scythe and GS, but that's the last thing to look forward to until 75... and 75 is the end. What in the world am I going to do once I hit 75? There are merits, but... what's the point of those for me? I'm not really interested in the HNM LS scene, so why would I need to improve anything once I hit 75? But that brings me back to: What am I going to do once I hit 75?

My plan had been (perhaps still is) to level RDM next, but... I love DRK, I love the job. My reason for wanting to level RDM? So I'll get invites fast, be able to be picky about parties, and have an easy ride to 75. That's a darned sucky reason for leveling a job. :/

I'm feeling so lost at the moment. DRK is what I love, but I'm getting close to being finished with it. Hitting 75 is great, but I don't want to be done!

Maybe once I get more of a buffer I should give Dynamis another try, maybe there would be more for me to do than there was when we did Sandy.

Maybe I need to fall in love with another job, but I don't know how to bring that about (if you even can) and I don't know if I even really want to. I love DRK, I am a DRK, that's what I want to be. :/


In related news, every time I party with a NIN tank I boggle endlessly that people would rather have one than a PLD. My party tonight was mostly from the KoolAid LS (just me and the THF weren't), and they were good, skilled people, but even a good NIN tank isn't anywhere near as good as an average PLD. Hate was so messy and ever-moving. As usual with a NIN tank, I got hate just by hitting, not hitting and anything extra (I Souleater'ed once and then never again because it almost killed me, and only Last Resorted twice). I have to gimp myself when there's a NIN tank, and that's a sad thing. Even without using any of my other abilities, I got hate over and over just from plain old hitting. That's depressing and annoying. (Luckily their WHM, BRD, and BLM were all very much on the ball and cured me fast. They, mages and tank, were all nice people to work with.)

We partied in Ro'Ma-whatever. Weapons. Other than getting to camp, it's not such a bad place. I'd really like to XP in the Meadows or Sky or something though. (Okay, I'd really most like to go back and XP in the Bay more, but that won't happen on this job.)

I don't know if I'm going to put my flag up tomorrow or not. I could seek a party for the first time on RDM or do BLM (BLM is only 18, thus needs a lot of work to get to subjob level). Oh, and I can do the Pulling the Strings solo ENM tomorrow, too. Yay! I love doing that so much, I wish there were more solo BCs.
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