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You could pull something besides my strings, stupid mannequin.

I have a theory, and it seems as if it's being confirmed. Not only are the dice rolls in Pulling The Strings fixed, but I believe they get more so each time you win and that the fight in general gets harder.

For the first time, I lost. Grrr. And like last week, I used way more hi-pots than usual (twice as many as last week, which was four times as many as the week before), but still lost.

It took me two gambles to get in, so 22K. That wasn't bad though.

As usual, I ate a taco for defense, used a blink band, used a haste belt. The only new thing this time was that I have no under 60 rings anymore (I sold my +str ones last week, and I don't want to use my sniper's), so I was about -6 less str. Everything else was the same. Bio II and Absorb-VIT both stuck. Like last week, the fight lasted long enough for both to wear, Bio II to be recast (no time for the Absorb) and for Bio to wear again. Long fight = bad.

The rolls:
1) Mannequin recovered all MP and HP. ("...". The only good thing I can say about that was that it happened early on, but still... Gah.)
2) My TP increased by 50. (This brought me to 100%, enough to do Guillotine, but for some reason the mannequin was able to parry part of it and it only hit for 153. The mannequin's normal hits on me were 150+.)
3) Mannequin's TP increased to 300%. (He picked a painful WS to use it on, too.)
4) I recovered 211 HP. (THANKFULLY! I had used my 2 hour and hadn't landed one hit (WTF?), I was pounding hi-pots at this point, but still had less than half his life.)
5) Mannequin recovered 100 HP.
6) I recovered 89 MP. (Bah. I never run out of MP in this, so that was pretty worthless.)
7) Mannequin's TP increased to 300%. (Again, he used a really bad WS. At this point I had basically lost and should have given up, but instead kept tossing back hi-pots.)
8) Mannequin won a weapon bash.

Not only were the rolls sucky, but other things were odd: His weapon bash stunned me long enough for him to get 2-3 swings in! With a scythe! A bash's stun never lasts that long. (Mine against him was its usual 'the stun effect is gone before the text appears on the screen' thing.) Also, he parried me to hell and back: I was able to get two Guillotines in, and he parried both of them down to a normal swing, plus he parried many many other hits. His def and eva seemed way, way, way higher, too. I just couldn't hit him when I've never had trouble with my acc in this ever before.

If next week goes like this, I'll have to give up on these. I've wondered if maybe the day had some effect on this, but then it should have affected both of us.

Very, very annoying.


In better news, I did go out and XP on RDM tonight, and had a pretty darned good time. The job was so fun! So much to do! I could melee, cast, heal, plus I could stop meleeing and sit for MP when needed without worrying about my TP! (DRK being just the opposite: I can't sit even when I need MP, because I need to preserve my TP.) Went from 13 -> 15.

Amazingly, the Dunes party was actually pretty good. No power leveler (YAY) and everyone did their jobs well except the ever-bitching WHM. ("I'm bored! Whine whine! This is boring! Let's go fight pugs! Whine!"). He meleed gobs while having no MP. And why'd he have no MP? Because Curage was his favorite spell and he used it when even only one person was a couple of HP down. Totally wasted.

How's this for an outstanding wasted high lot?

I'm not sure what I'll do tomorrow, hopefully it'll be a short day at work so I might get extra time at home/online.
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