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No longer will I say "Go to hell"... (FFXI)

"Go to the Dunes" will now replace "go to hell" for me. I spent the entire day there today, and words cannot describe how bad it was. I took screenshots of various conversations, but decided they were so painful that they weren't worth editing to post.

The highlights of the day:

1) The "in" thing in the Dunes is calling Bogys "flying ballsacks". Three different parties did this, totally different people.

2) Using "gay" to mean "bad" (idiots elsewhere in the game do that as well, but in the Dunes it happens non-stop). I swear to god, I don't know how I stopped myself from correcting these fucking idiots. How stupid, how awful, how bad of a person do you have to be to use "gay" synonymously for "bad"? What the hell is wrong with people?

3) Huggable. A Taru RDM, rank 1, no subjob. It's fine and dandy to be new. Everyone was new once, everyone has to learn sometime. I dealt with a lot of new people today and had no issue with them... and then I met Huggable. First she blind invited me, so I turned it down and /telled her that she should ask people before inviting. So she replied with "pt" and sent another invite. *sigh* Since few others were seeking, I... I... accepted. Totally my bad there. The party? RDM-RDM-RDM-RDM-WHM-PLD. (Cause hey, if one is good four must be better, right?) About two hours later, we had made 800 XP. Ha ha ha. But (would you believe it) then things got worse! People left and joined the party, and we were down to just Huggable and I as RDMs. We were fighting gobs. Each and every fight, this idiot would melee. Each fight we told her not to, even typing in all caps and using calls, and she ignored us. A Taru mage with no subjob. Each time the gob dropped a bomb, the idiot nearly died. She would cast as she hit, and eventually get to 0 MP... yet not stop hitting. Again, ignoring everyone telling her to sit.

Eventually she finally replied to us asking her why the hell she wasn't listening to us. She said something like 'im new. im wrapping gifts doin lots xmas stuff' &$*&#@& Unfortunately this wonderful player was the leader of the party, so we couldn't just boot her. Eventually we broke the party and reformed without her to get rid of her. (And she got another invite before she was out of our sight!) But that wasn't even the best part:

Once she was gone, the fucking idiot started /telling me. Called me a "heartless pig" and said "thistle your a ass" (love that stunning grasp of grammar!) because I told her she should not be multitasking while partying. She said I didn't get to "comdom" (meant 'condemn', but I first read it as 'condom' and had a laugh) because usually she's a good player. (RDM 17 being her highest level job, lots of chances for her to have been a good player before tonight, right?)

I was literally sick to my stomach by the time I left the Dunes tonight. I had really really wanted to hit RDM 20 (I'm 1K from it) so I could use the dagger Yossy gave me, but I gave up. I cannot deal with these idiots anymore tonight. (I never type in all caps, I rarely curse, but I was so close to chewing people out that way tonight. Just how stupid, drop-dead stupid people are! This was the second time today I wished the game was PvP, because it would have been my biggest joy all year to return as DRK and kill all these people. They get a raise? I'd kill them again! I'd find their damned homepoints and camp them to keep killing them! I'd kill them so much and so often that they'd eventually quit the game to get away from me, and then I'd kill them even more!

*sigh* Back to dealing with these people tomorrow...
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