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Chatty me (FFXI and WoW)

I should be headed to bed to try to sleep, but I feel like "talking" instead so here's a quick post.

I've come to a decision. Every RDM on the game should get together and make every BLM on the game pay for our Gravity scrolls. What is so hard about understanding that if the mob comes running at you and hits you, you stop the hell casting and let the tank get hate back under control? It's not rocket science, people!

Tonight's party was one of the worst RMD parties I've had, including my time in the Dunes. The only reason I stuck around as long as I did (hours...) was that the leader was such a nice person. She (WHM) brought two (two!) powerlevels with her (at 36!), and totally unsurprisingly she didn't have the first clue how to play her job. I could have handled just sticking around for the XP, but the problem was that the PLers kept going AFK or something, so people kept nearly dying.

(Non-players: A power leveler (PL) is a high level person who stands outside of your party and keeps tossing cures onto people. In theory that means less MP is used by people in the party, you can kill things faster, and get more XP. The big big big problem with that is that you do not learn to play your job that way. And as most PLs happen in the lowest levels, when people are just learning, it's a pretty seriously bad thing.)

So you have a NIN tank with a Provoke phobia, two over-nuking BLMs, a way way way over-healing WHM, me, and a good THF. The BLMs and WHMs must have capped out their evasion.

But anyway, the WHM did do one thing right, and it worked out amusingly: We had a bat link so I jumped to try to sleep it, and amazingly the first one stuck! But the follow up sleeps all failed (unsurprisingly) and my HP was in the single digits. I was sure I was about to get my first RDM death, but the WHM used Bene (which I was out of range for), and with that the party was able to kill the first one, and I leveled up! With full HP, I lived as we zoned the linked bats. (I couldn't have just zoned it in the beginning, because others had hit it and it would have flown back to attack them.)

The XP just totally sucked. The level range was too wide (the WHM dinged 37 early on, while the rest of the party was 33-35), and we didn't have one single chain (the WHM never had MP since she way over-healed and wouldn't sit until she hit 0 MP...). She was such a nice person though and was working hard to be a good party leader (very very encouraging and nice and tried to touch base with everyone to make sure they were happy and had what they needed and all that), so I felt bad for her. She might have been one of the nicest non-LS people I've met on the game, but she's been done such a disservice by having been PLed so much; she's been left utterly and totally unable to play her job. :(

After I logged off FFXI I logged onto WoW. My account is closing on Jan 1st and I wanted to take some movies of flying around (my favorite part of the game). I discovered... I still like the game a whole lot. :/ The background sounds are so much richer than FFXI's, the music is just as nice or sometimes nicer, and I don't hate the graphics anymore (I'm sort of fond of them, in the way one might be of that first computer you got 20 years ago). But the problem is, I don't want to play the game. I like it, but I don't want to play it. That doesn't seem like it should make sense, but... it's like the game lacks a soul. Lacks spirit. FFXI is alive. YOU are the hero, YOU are important, what you do matters. In WoW, as far as I have experienced, you do silly quests for mighty silly reasons. (Oh nos! You're saying X stole Y? And you want me to go get it back? No way! Someone else just asked me to go get Z for the very same reason!) Plus, it's just way too easy. WoW holds your hand as if you were a two-year old, but FFXI blinds you and then expects you to jump through burning hoops at the age of 105. :/

So in conclusion (and I'm going to end this darned post, no matter that I still want to talk more, because I have to go to bed!) I only got one RDM level tonight (35), and I'm totally unsure what I'll do tomorrow. I need to level BLM (blech) before RDM can level to 38, but I'm sort of feeling like maybe I should go back to leveling DRK, but I'd like to continue on with RDM, but tonight was no fun at all, but but but...

Bah. Bed.
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