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Sad day...but with screenshots! (FFXI)

How's that old superstition go? Bad things happen in threes? I should have guessed that when pomr quit the game, that two more bad things were coming. Okay or maybe not, since being superstitious is silly, but in this case it would have been right. Two of my oldest FFXI friends left the game tonight. loneguardian, who was my reason for giving FFXI a chance at all (her screenshots of fishing made me want to try that! I had said that even if I hated leveling or otherwise playing I could still fish. :} ), and kelen who I knew indirectly pre-FFXI but quickly became one of my best friends in the game. Along with philia, they brought me from my initial tiny LS to CTY and eventually to FI where I terrorize people to this day. :P

It brought home the different levels of feeling: When someone left our old static (say (Edit: Maybe I shouldn't name names, even if they're not even on LJ))) I was somewhat hurt, annoyed, depressed, and other things -- it was like losing a staff member on a MUSH. It was a pain because I'd have to replace them (and quickly but still with a quality person), but it was sort of an indirect pain, not really an emotional one. More of a disconnected hurt, though it didn't seem so at the time. It wasn't until I lost someone who was not only a "staff member" but a friend as well that I really got sad. Sort of like if fealu_bryne or peppygrowlithe or some of the other "inner circle staffers" quit.

Ha ha, I said this was a 'FFXI only' post, but here I am tossing out MUSH names and talking about a game the majority of my flist will know nothing about. Anyway, I know I'll get over this. Friends have left before and friends will leave again (and it's not like they totally vanished off the face of the Earth), it's just sad for the moment.

On to brighter things! And I suck, I had thought this would be a short post, but I so often fail at that.

The LS holiday photo thing was tonight, which was fun. Unfortunately big LS meet-ups bring out the hyperactive five-year-old in me, which annoys me. So many people I know together in one place! I jumped from person to person to person! I'm not like that RL, honest. RL I would have hid in a corner (or under a table) and glowered at anyone who approached. Heh. But everyone survived and no one got seriously annoyed (at anyone other than a troll), so it's all good.

Sadly, while the pictures were taken pomr gave me her RDM rings, since she wouldn't need them anymore. Suddenly I understood that whole "I don't want your stuff, I want you to stay, dammit!" feeling. (I had sort of rolled my eyes at it in the past and thought that the people probably actually really did want the stuff but were saying that to be polite). They're really nice rings (HQ level 36 ones), better than the ones I have, so I was thankful for them, but would rather Ai have stuck around to use them. :)

(And hey, Draque and Ai and Aurian: I'm not at all intending you guys to feel bad, guilty, or like you need to apologize for leaving or anything like that! Anyone is free to play or not play whenever they want! This is just how I feel, I'm not trying to guilt anyone into anything or make anyone feel bad or anything. :) If I have, sorry!)

So anyway (moving this story along) I went to the Dunes after that. As usual it was a highly painful place (my initial party was WHM, BLM, RDM, RDM, SAM, THF. Look ma, no tank! The SAM attempted to tank but was having a really hard time of it, and all the mages were drained after each fight. But I was quickly given leadership of the party and people were leaving fast, so I was able to remake it into something that worked (NIN, WHM, BLM, THF, WAR, SAM). Hit BLM 20! Yay! I also magicburst for the first time, and it wasn't anywhere near as hard as I worried it would be. Amusingly, I did the whole two levels (hours of partying!) with no macros. Heh. I need to make some before going on, it was a pain to work from the menu all the time.

I'd really love to go back to RDM now, but BLM 20 will only allow me 4 more RDM levels, so I'm going to give BLM one more push tomorrow. At least I'm out of the Dunes.

And now, screenshots!

Nunyenunc -- What the heck kind of name is that? Sheesh! That's the NM bird that dropped the wand I was looking for the other day. (And I complain about Mithra having too many vowels in their names?!)

Me and my ladies~ All the girls of the LS and I. Of course they all just flocked to me at the mention of getting their pictures taken with me! I am Da Man, after all! ;) The back row is Dani, (someone between them I can't see), Niala, me, Beanie, and Merlee. Front row is: Ai?, Cehra, Aurian,, Ai? I think that new mithra (P-something) has the same model as Ai. (I turned off names because the shot looked better without them.)

I got a really nice shot, but I can't decide which one I like better! Version with eyes nearly closed or version with eyes open. I love the setup of it, and the small difference of eyes seems to change the mood of it a lot. I like them both. (And you never really notice that my model has some darned pretty eyes!) tharpy makes for a nice background, too. :P

I know certain folks will hit me over this comment, but: Sometimes it amazes me that Bastok actually can look pretty! Christmas decorations, full moon, nearly empty. I just stopped and smiled at the scene.

Last and probably least: Standing on the dock, watching for... something. I'm not sure if that screenshot will really interest most people, it doesn't show much other than me. I'm probably just reading more emotion into the shot than is really there.
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