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FFX Thoughts

Silly loneguardian posted a link to some great FFX fanart, and it sort of got me thinking again. While I haven't played in a long while (I can't keep the PS2 and the Gamecube hooked up at the same time, and I need the 'cube to play Animal Crossing), I haven't forgotten FFX, and I'm closely watching reports on FFX-2.

I wish, wish, wish that FFX-2 would go backwards in time instead of forward. Look at this picture . I mean just look at it! There is so much story that happened before FFX, and we'll never get to know it. Jecht/Auron/Braska are infinitely more interesting than Yuna and Rikku and whoever this new Pain/Paine/Pine chick is.

Bah. The more I read about FFX-2, the more I worry it's just going to totally suck. Some of the places will be the same, but so much will be different. But hey! We'll get to dress the characters up! And why are all the characters female, anyway? That seriously sucks. *sigh* Nearly naked women with guns. Okay, the fanboys will be humping their PS2s over this, but... I guess I'll just have to stick with fanart.
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