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It was the best of times, it was the worst of times (FFXI only)

A fast, fast post. No, for serious! I mean it!

I had to level BLM today, because I hit my limit on RDM without it getting gimped. My first party was amazingly one of the best parties I've ever had (at level 22!). Killed worms, crabs, and pugs non-stop, no downtime at all (which was funny because I mostly sat, stood up to run and follow the party, then sat again). Of course there was a PL (when is there not a PL nowadays?) but I went from 22 -> 25 in about two hours. Amazing! Wonderful! I hit my BLM goal in hours when I thought it might take me two evenings!

Since my luck had been so good, and since it was still so early in the day still, I went to the Jungle to see if I could get more BLM levels. Ha ha ha ha ha. It took me two hours to go from 22 -> 25, but one Jungle party took me four hours to go from 25 -> 26. 5K XP. The party was so bad I was actually laughing out loud. Highlights include a replacement member getting on the wrong airship and ending up in Bastok (BUH?), the tank dying three times in a row (the second two times while weakened -- both times because he was sitting next to a party fighting gobs), and a RDM (the guy who "organized" the party) who did literally nothing but bitch (he didn't cast, he didn't melee, he just wanted to move the camp to where gobs spawned for "faster chains"). We rarely broke 50 XP per kill, taking minutes to kill each one. Two NIN tanks and no one voked. (I could have left, but I figured how long could it take to get one level with them? And ha ha ha, I found out!) Amusingly, everyone left the party the very second they leveled. The last people said things like 'Thank god, I never thought I'd level.' I knew exactly how they felt.


As he has every night for the past three nights, idiot Spidderre /telled me asking to buy my Hauby +1. This time he used the wise tactic of calling me a "bastard" while making the trade offer, and he got offended when I mentioned he bought gil. Heehee.

I got a {trade} {idea} for you, how about you take "it's not for sale at any price" seriously?

Chat log, part 2 (about 30 minutes later). You bastard!

And darned it, I didn't capture the part where he said that the Hauby was actually already his and he was just trying to get it back into "its rightful owner's hands", that just thrilled me to death. 9.9

And lastly, I never thought I'd meet a DRK so cliched as this one. I really hoped this was a joke, but all of his macros were along this line:

So now RDM is set until 53! Yay! I can actually get all my AF before having to deal with BLM more. Eeee!

See? See? A short post! Ha! Now to bed I go!
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