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You want small? You got small! (FFXI)

(Edit: By the way, sukashi is the one and only person who said "... I've become a dog of the military, the endgame LS."! Don't believe anyone else, especially anyone named _rooks, if they say otherwise! Ha! :D )

Ha ha, an even smaller post! And a tiny little screenshot!

I've not been sleeping or eating much (other than crap, bah), plus work is sucking much ass and will get much much worse very soon, so I'm tired and grumpy. That hasn't made for overly fun playing.

Hit RDM 46 tonight, only 2K to 47. Party was another high ranking one, with an odd setup: PLD, RDM, RDM, BRD/WHM, RNG, MNK. Between the two RDMs and the /WHM BRD, we kept the PLD nice and healthy. (And amazing, a tank that actually held hate! First time I've seen that in weeks!) Thankfully tonight I did everything a RDM does, not just refresh.

I'm getting kind of tired of XPing, but there's not a good "take a break" spot until 60. I can't stop at 50 because then I'll be able to get my AF and thus will want to wear it. At 60 I can wear it all, so that's a good place for a break, but it's so far off.

I've been living in Jeuno lately, but had to go back to Sandy to get something out of storage. I happened upon a strange sight: First time I've seen someone doing that! She's actually sitting on that outcropping, that's not an odd camera angle trick or anything.
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