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AF Keys and such: Plotting and Planning (FFXI only)

Since we're doing CoP mission foo both weekend days, I likely won't be hitting RDM 50 this weekend as I had planned to, but I printed out all my AF and maps and all that stuff anyway.

First off: Can you open a coffer while on a different job? So if I have RDM AF started, can I open the coffers as DRK? I hope so, that'd make life easier. (Though I suppose I'd rather lose XP as RDM than DRK. Plus the whole chainspell-warp thing. But DRK would likely get less aggro. Hmmm.)

I know Ead needs MNK AF for Dani and assumedly Merlee will need RDM AF (and will Mako want SAM AF? And Beanie wants WHM AF, yes?) so maybe we can do all these together. (Or maybe Merlee and Mako will go off and do their own thing and Ead and I will do this together and/or need help, but it might be nice to do this as a group. And where does Beanie fit in?)

(EDIT: Merlee had been big on her and I doing it together, but she's done the keys with Mako aleady, so no need to fit her into key planning.)

RDM AF requires:
* Nest Chest Key (Crawler's Nest. Why oh why have we stopped getting them during Escort?)
* Eldieme Coffer Key (*groan* After DRK AF there, I vowed never to go coffer hunting there again.)
* Garlaige Coffer Key (Baishing gates. Boo.)
* Oztroja Coffer Key (Yay, Castle Oz, the only non-annoying place of the group!)

AF3 is in two places, but we can deal with those later I guess.

Since we don't use the CTY site much anymore (or at least FI people don't) I'm not exactly sure the best way to pick a day where we might get help. I'd like to get this done in the next week or two if possible. Maybe sometime next week? Hmm, I bet we won't be able to get done in one night.

I'm free just about every night (other than this coming weekend). Dynamis is... Tuesdays and Saturdays, right? Are there any statics still going on? I guess if you can/want to help, leave a comment with good days and hopefully we can get a day that works?

Maybe FI needs a LJ comm for mass-communication...
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