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It's gaming night... every night! (AC and FFXI)

Fast post because it's late.

I think I got a funky copy of Animal Crossing. The dog who sleeps with every guy she sees? She's now telling me that two female animal-residents (a cat and a duck) are "picking out curtains together" and that they're seen in each other's houses all the time ("and isn't that strange?"), they're spending a lot of time together, etc. But the whole "picking out curtains thing" isn't that known code for they're a couple? o.O

I got a new resident today, but unfortunately I hate him. He was in my original town on the Gamecube, and he's even more annoying in this game. Camoufrog (spelling? The frog in camouflage). He's a jock type, he's in camouflage, and the carpet on the floor of his house has what's almost the darned presidential seal. Gah. (But hey, won't that make for even more soap opera-ish interactions? Mr. Army "rah rah president!" Guy living next door to the female dog who sleeps around and the two girls who are knocking boots?)


FFXI: I got the XP of a sucky XP party... without the sucky party! Eco and Escort rewards were nice this week, then I ran off and did the solo ENM60 BC. Made a good chunk of XP, all without partying!

The BC was amazingly easy, a totally different fight than the last two where I lost so badly. (I think my record is 2/10 now? Two losses out of ten?) I used one single hi-pot, and it wasn't even really needed. And I ended the fight at nearly 100% health, too. o.O

Used the blink band and haste belt as usual. Ate a mithkabob instead of a taco (+str food instead of tanking food, since I couldn't do enough damage last time). Used my AF head instead of the Val-whatever Mask (more def, +str instead of +att, and +hp).

Started out casting Absorb-VIT and Bio II as usual (both stuck).

Other than the first roll, most of them were harmless:
1) Mannequin recovered 392 HP. (Gah! He was down almost 400 HP at this point and the roll brought him back to full, sheesh.)
2) Mannequin won an attack bonus.
3) I won an attack bonus.
4) Mannequin won a weapon bash.

It was just a totally different fight than the last two, I can't explain it other than that.

And lastly: Eeee! I put my demon helm on tonight! (Small screenshot) Too bad the stats on it aren't good for much (other than skilling parrying, perhaps). I'd love to wear it instead of my o-hat, because it looks really, really cool. And look how big my sword's hilt is! That's the biggest great sword I've ever owned! It's nearly taller than me!
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