Thistle (thistle_chaser) wrote,

Quickie FFXI and RL post

Lots of new screenshots from the upcoming expansion pack have been posted: *drool* So pretty! I just hope the quests/whatever to get access won't be too annoying.

I've decided to re-buy a Balmung, and I'm currently camping the AH. Unfortunately I sold mine for 4,100,000 and the one that sold since then was for 4,500,000 so I'm likely going to have to pay a large stupidity tax. :( But it'll be worth it! I can't believe how embarrassing last night was. (Not to mention my SC partner was a SAM and the WHM never hasted me. So annoying when I can't keep up with TP!)

RL: Though I'm still sleeping like crap (my cat won't sleep on the bed anymore, apparently I'm kicking her in the night and knocking her off and such), but a big problem at work (bad customer) is finally almost gone, and it feels like all my stress is gone with him.

Lost: Last night was probably my favorite ep in a long, long time, probably my favorite since Locke's backstory. Eko rocks my socks!
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