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Totally wasted and boring day... until the end! (FFXI)

Eight and a half hours of seeking a party with no invites. Reach the primetime for NA parties... and I had to take my flag down so that I could go to the O-Hat run. (The run was two hours later, but I couldn't join a party and leave in an hour or so.) Finally time for the O-Hat run... and it didn't happen. Grrrrr.

It was so highly and totally embarrassing: After our LS got how many hats? More than ten, we had a grand total of five people show up to help. Beanie, Nif, Ead, Merlee, and myself. Of course I didn't expect people who quit the game to show, but even with that loss the LS looked bad. (Luckily Beanie explained it to the leader of the other LS we'd been working with.) But we didn't have enough healing power, we had no party for adds, only one RDM, and I was the only stunner (at the last second they called in a second one). I was very unhappy, Ead (who organized all the runs) still has no hat, and a whole night was wasted.

Since we did have 12 people, they decided to put us to use and we did some AF3s. One went really bad (the poor BLM died 2-3 times), but that fight and the WHM one (for Beanie) were at least fun. Then we went to kil some NM ant for the leader of the other LS, and that also was fun.

Lots of screenshots!

Boom! Boom! Whoosh! Burn! How's that for an action-packed screenshot? :D Darned fun fight! Magic Sludge didn't stand a chance.

*yawn* Look, there's the mob... over there. I must have been hitting the wrong key, because this is the only screenshot I have from the WHM AF3 fight. Posted just so that I have a record of it.

Related to that screenshot: I really didn't enjoy the fight because I know an aspect of the in-game story that most don't. :( From the Spiral Hell storyline I know what the Shadow mobs are all about, and it makes me so sad to kill them. *sniffles*

Also, amusingly (now) I apparently almost died on the WHM AF3 fight. I have a screenshot of my HP down to 100 or so! Hee. Since we had two PLDs I wasn't being careful with my hate at all. Nice mages kept me alive. *smooches*

Would you like some candy, little girl? Nothing like having a little girl close her eyes and hold onto your leg as you grope her chest. c.c Blame Nif for that, it's totally his fault. All of it.

Proconsul XII: Giant ant from Mars! This ant was big! I had to angle the camera like that to fit all of him in the shot. Unfortunately he didn't drop the weapon we were hoping for.

Awww, true love is so sweet. Beanie and... Eadwyn! While Nif and company were off trying to save the BLM from another death, I spied Beanie and Ead alone, nice and close. (I really like the lighting of that shot, it makes them look so nice together. :) Please don't hit me, Beanie and Nif!)

So that's about that. I'm off tomorrow, but I don't know what I'll do. I'd like to get an XP party for DRK (oh let me just hit 75 and be done! Please!), but who knows if that'll happen or not.

Oh! And one last funny (or sad) note: I was down and depressed about the whole evening, but then the two PLDs kept oooh'ing and ahhh'ing over the amount of damage I can do with Spinning Slash, and I perked right up! It's so totally amusing (or sad) how great you can make me feel by noting and admiring my big damage numbers. Can a girl have an e-penis? :P
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