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Stuff (Oh ho ho! What a title!) RL and then FFXI

It's amazing the things that can de-stress you. After being all annoyed last night I caught a new (new to me) ep of SG1 and it made me really happy. (It was the old SG1 team so it must have been an old ep, but I hadn't seen it yet.) While I like SGA way more than SG1, SG1 still leaves me smiling. Love the characters, love the slashiness, love the stories.

I ate only one meal the whole day yesterday, which I'm sure didn't help anything. There's so much I need to change (eat smaller meals more often, not one big one, dummy! Drink more water! That should be an easy one!), but at least exercising is going well. I really, really like my exercise bike. Turn on the TV, jump on, and exercise is done in no time!

FFXI: Okay, I'm stupid. Really, really stupid. I think I must be the last person on the planet seeing what happens to me. DRK no fun? Pushing endlessly on it? So frustrated with it that I'm ready to quit the game? Well duh, perhaps you need a break from it! I watched yohshee's Holy Cow ENM video and it was so cool! I was grinning the whole time thinking what a rocking job RDM is! And how cool it'd be to be a "grown up" RDM like him or Ead! So, no matter that DRK is @400 to 74, tonight I'm going to XP on RDM.

*bouncies* I hadn't even muled off all my RDM stuff, so it's easily accessible tonight. Eee! I'm not looking forward to doing AF foo, but at least once that's done I'll have the AF and can actually use it nearly forever!

And a few weeks down the road, when I've pushed too hard and gotten too frustrated on RDM, then I can go back to DRK and get stressed/frustrated on that. Change my playing style? Never! Heeheehee.
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