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zzzzzzz (FFXI)

So tired. Went to bed late last night and got woke up early this morning by a phone call. Zzzz.

So I went RDM XPing last night, and ended up laughing at myself. "This isn't anything like in the movies!" Ha ha ha.

There was no one seeking all night (I was the only one seeking from 44-48 for over an hour), so when I got an invite from a rank 10 DRG I didn't bother asking if he had a tank/healer/other members. Amazingly he did have a tank (NIN) and very very slowly the party rounded out -- basically he grabbed anything seeking, no matter job or level. Not a good start.

We went to my least favorite zone in the game: GC. I'd rather XP in the Dunes than GC, but it was to be a moot point since the party was a Dunes party, so I got the "best" of both worlds.

BLM 49 (four levels higher than me, yay gimped XP) asked the MNK to use an axe (Let me repeat that: He wanted the monk to use an axe) because when the party finally found a SC, it was one that he couldn't do his best MB on. When I boggled on /party at that suggestion, the BLM 49 asked "Well, what does a MNK use?" (Or rather "lol wut mnk uz lol".) And need I say that the BLM over-nuked? NIN 46 tank, BLM 49 over-nuking. Messy hate? Ha.

We had a second RDM (I was RDM/BLM, the other was RDM/WHM) so you'd think the RDM/WHM would heal, right? Not to mention that he was Taru and had more than twice as much MP as me? Nope. He didn't heal, so I did it. Since I was he wasn't healing, one would think he would enfeeble. Nope. Since he wasn't doing those two things, maybe he would refresh the BLM? Nope. Well! Since he wasn't doing any of that, perhaps he'd dispel the beetles? Or melee? Nope. The only thing he did last night was keep stoneskin, phalanx, and refresh on himself. He had 100% MP nearly the whole night, while I was almost always drained. (On the plus side, since I was healing I tried to let the BLM die. But alas, he never dropped lower than double digit HP before the tank got the mob off him.)

So about 2 hours of partying got me 3K XP (with band). The rank 10 DRG refused to pull (yet the only other DD was a MNK...), so the MNK somehow pulled. Our second tank (a JP NIN, the first NIN (wisely) bailed after three fights) rocked, but he was 4 levels under the over-nuking BLM so there wasn't much hope for him keeping hate.

After I left the party I did the quest for the cunning earring. (And I repeat what I say every time I have to go there: Whoever designed Ordelle Caves should be shot. It's one thing to have a confusing/maze zone, that's fine, but to not be able to climb the stairs? To throw yourself at them over and over trying to find exactly the right angle to allow you to get to the next step? Inexcusable.) I had to stay online late, but I finished the darned quest.

So tired. Zzzzz.
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