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I lied

I said I wasn't going to make more posts here, but I lied.

People have been asking me who "Thistle_Chaser" is, who this odd picture of a cat-thing (not furry!) leaving messages in peoples' journals is. Most folks who knew me 3+ years ago know me as Sally Mac. To people who joined in on my story in the last three years, Thistle_Chaser should be close enough to Thistle-Chaser to make the jump. :) (I signed up with a dash, donno why LJ sometimes lists me with an underscore. Odd.) IC on PokeMUSH, I'm most well known as Sly (who is becoming my longest played character). And if every other name fails, Calico works.

As an added, unrelated, note, I figured out two LJ things tonight: That this "Friends" feature is kind of keen, and that I had to log out and log back in at home to see Mallen's posts-for-friends. (I was seeing a different version of his page at work than at home. It's all fixed now.) I suspect 'Mallen' won't be a link with the little torso-person next to it. You probably need to do something to it to make it into a link...

...I can sort of see why people keep these journals. It's kind of an interesting feeling that someone might want to read something you wrote, something about you.

Oh look, I found more options, but nothing to make Mallen into a link. Seems like this extra options page should be the default, not the simpler one.

Oh well, I've rambled enough.
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