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Wacky Canada (Animal Crossing)

Canada (named after my first AC town on the Gamecube version) is a wacky place, but some days are more crazy than others.

Today I walked up to one of my residents, a cat holding a bug-catching net. She asked me if I liked to catch bugs. Since I've been a slacker thus far and haven't even attempted to catch any, I answered that I did not. So Miss Bug-Catching Net Holding Kitty told me that she did not like catching bugs either, that she had no idea why she was holding a net, and sometimes she even forgot where she was or what her name is. She concluded by saying:

"This, too, is my ex's fault."


Every resident but one is female, and all of those females except one are the "ditzy" type. Oh joy. The one male I have is the hated Camofrog. I ignore him every time he "!!!"s at me and I push him around, hit him with my shovel, and plant pitfalls around his front door, but he still won't move out. Grrr.

I finally had a coconut wash up today, my first non-native fruit. My mother has only written me once so far, and she sent me nothing. Stupid woman...

I've gotten all store upgrades except the last one, which I can't get without someone from another town visiting and shopping. And I have no online access. Grrrrrrr.

My opinion hasn't changed much about the game: Pretty boring. Mostly I use it to kill time now and then. Over the last couple days I was working on a project (replacing all non-fruit non-pine trees with orange trees), but now I'm done with that. I like this whole cross-breeding flowers idea, but that's a long-term project.

My favorite activity is running around town and watering flowers with my pretty little watering can. I'm really not sure what that says about me. And I probably don't want to know. :P
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