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Where'd the weekend go? -.- (FFXI)

Another very good, very busy day. Unfortunately the weekend's been so full and busy that it doesn't feel like I had one. (Don't ask me how that works, since it was all good/fun stuff, but still: so busy, so tired!)

This morning nice merrkitty asked me if I wanted to go to EN and get my coffer key for a piece of my AF, so we did that! It took a number of hours for a key to drop, but it was fun and I got lots of skillups. :) (I need to work on sword and dagger more... lots more.) After that we ran around and found a coffer! So good, so happy! I was ready to camp out at the Glacier side spawn for days if needed (like I did for my DRK coffer there), but it was up when we got there! So yay!

It was 1 PM by the time we finished, and I was tired and hadn't eaten yet, so I was going to take the rest of the day to relax. Then, a moment later, a party invite came in. My flag wasn't up and party invites even when I'm not seeking are common, but this was from the one guy who succeeded in killing me last night! Heehee. I figured since he was good enough to take me down he must be a good player, so I accepted it.

Unfortunately, while the members were great fun, the party didn't work. Our camp sucked (ants in QSC do an AOE silence move, and mages had to stand right there with the melees). They didn't want to move camps, and I nearly died multiple times while attempting to sleep links, so once I dingled 52 I replaced myself.

Tomorrow is Eco and Escort. (Yay! No XPing! Not even if I'm tempted to!) RDM's BLM sub won't be gimped till I ding 54, so I can XP it another time or two before working on BLM again. Plus I'll need to get my GC and Castle Oz keys sooner or later and spend time coffer hunting there.

Eee, AF time is such an exciting time! So much fun, but it'll be really nice to get it done, too.

I need to make a RDM FFXI icon, I think. Hee.
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