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Annoying yesterday, annoying night, annoying day. Grump. (RL, other than the first sentence)

Often times people are the reason I keep playing FFXI. Now and then they're the reason I want to quit. Last night was one of those nights.

And thus ends the FFXI potion of this post.

I've been having seriously disturbing dreams lately, but last night's takes the cake:

In my dream I was a guy, so I had a penis and there was some girl I liked. The girl's family (or mine?) went away, so we were fooling around in the house. My penis was... scary. It started out normal, but then it got ... longer. But not in the expected way. She was standing about a foot from me, so it kept getting longer and thinner (and whiter) and ended up looking like (I think) a pig penis? Long and white and twisty and UGLY. Okay, not that any penis is going to win a beauty award, but this thing was just horrible. It had a mind of its own and was entering her. (I had to put both hands on it to try to control it.) I guess it kept getting bigger/longer because it was hurting her.

The family came back, so we ran naked into the bathroom and she finished me off with her hand. And this is where it became even worse: What came out was this horrible thick yellow oil with bits of what looked like spoiled milk floating in it. She was (rightly) grossed out and left me. And I had to clean up the mess on the bathroom floor. (There had been a whole darned lot of it.)

I couldn't go back to sleep after that.

Today... today. Tell me this: If you can't hardly speak or understand English, why the hell would you rather do support over the phone than over email? I couldn't understand nine words out of ten, but this idiot wouldn't switch to email support. It took me nearly an hour (when a call like this would usually take me 1-2 minutes). I wanted to kill him. How could you be so stupid and annoying?


Hopefully this will post, because (as is too common) LJ is sucking so much ass. Won't keep me logged in, keeps challenging me as a "non-human". Grrrrrrrrr!
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