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What a night. What a wasted night.

The only good thing that happened tonight was that I realized that I'll never need to level BLM, since RDM isn't going to make any progress. (lol angst n drama lol)

Put my flag up and got an invite the same minute. Asked if they had a tank/healer, they did so I accepted. Went to QSC. Fights were really rough. Party was 50-51 (I was the only 52). After each fight we were drained... but we weren't getting 200+/fight, so they wanted to move to crabs in Kuftal. I suggested that it wasn't a great idea, but they all wanted to go. First fight: Nearly full party wipe (except me, yay). I said goodbye and left.

Came back to Jeuno. Put my flag up. Got invited. Asked if he had tank/healer. No. Told him to let me know when he had both. Person replied "lol you speak jap". Buh? I had been speaking in English, not using the autotranslator. Idiot. Eventually he gets a tank, invites me. I asked if he had a healer. Nope. Time passes, and he got a healer, so invited me again. NIN tank was 51, DDs were 51-52. WHM and BLM were 54. They wanted to go to Kuftal. I wished them luck and said goodbye.

Three hours of partying gave me (with band) 2K XP. Sigh/grrr. A whole night wasted on this, all for 2K XP.

I think I've spotted a trend though: Both party leaders today, and the leaders of my last four really awful parties, have all been DRGs. I wonder if DRGs are so desperate for parties they'll put anything together, just so they get XP?

I know some people get good parties. I hear tell of getting 5K per hour. I know good random parties exist. I'd really like to experience one some day...

Edit, an hour later: No matter how sucky the XP has been lately, at least there's one good thing: So many invites! It's too late for me to party, but I've gotten three since taking my flag down. That's a total of five invites in one night! *boggle*
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