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Holy cow, so tired. Zzzz (FFXI only, no Lost. ; ; )

I didn't get to see Lost (or American Idol) tonight, but I have them recorded to watch at a later date. ; ;

FFXI started out so bad it was funny, but in the end it rocked!

Got a party invite (had to wait a whole 30 minutes for it! What's this world coming to?), and yay! It wasn't from a DRG! ...but then I got to CN and found I was replacing the guy and the leader was not only a DRG but the DRG who put together the three worst parties in the last couple weeks.

And tonight that count rose to four.

I arrived on the scene only to find the THF (Cloudxi) telling the PLD what to do. Not only that, calling him a "homo faggot" or "gay faggot" or some such thing. Grrrr. I almost left right then and there, but instead told them all to shut up, act like adults, and XP.

Party decided to move from CN to crabs. No WHM to tele-altep us, so I figured we'd all warp out and meet up there or in Jeuno. I warped. Two of the melees had no warp object or oil/powder. Damned idiots. So they make the poor WHM come to CN and go all the way to camp. She died on the way. Yay Woman went and changed jobs and raised her and tele-altep'ed them.

While they were all in Rabao, I told them on /p to damned well buy some oil from the AH. I told them that crabs aggro to sound and they should be able to sneak themselves if needed.

Guess who didn't do that? Cloudxi. So the WHM went back to get him, and died. Again. More mess happens around Cloudxi (because he's that much of an idiot) and the WHM died trying to stealth him again.

Cloudxi, still being an idiot, got stuck somewhere. So the WHM ignored us and went to rescue him again. And guess what! She died again! I couldn't even feel bad for her, she deserved it for trying to rescue the idiot.

Two hours pass from the time I warped out of CN. Two hours of trying to get Cloudxi to the camp. Two hours of the WHM reraising and dying in the next breath.

Eventually the idiot DRG* leader booted Cloudxi (after the PLD, Woman, and I threatened to disband and form our own party), and we replaced him with a RNG. The XP rocked, but by then the damage had been done:

Total XP earned: 9K.
Total time spent in party: 5 hours.

Less than 2K/hour (with band). Again. Grrr/sigh.

Cloudxi became the first non-casino person to be put on my newly cleaned blacklist.

* To be fair, the DRG seems like a nice guy. Totally unable or unwilling to put a workable party together, but he does seem to try.
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