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Pirates! &*%&$#@0 *drool* (FFXI)

Here thar be pirates! (Image.)

Oh my god. That doesn't look anywhere near as bad as in that picture from the magazine! GunGunGunGun! I could get a gun without leveling RNG! (And not have to wear pink frilly stuff while doing it!)

Big/clean/crisp shot of beardy hume as pirate. Allow me to repeat: Oh my god. *drool*

I hope the job isn't a bitchkitty to open (it probably will be). Maybe I should work on leveling smithing? Their bullets are going to have to come from somewhere... (Or are bullets goldsmithing? I think it's smithing, right?)

*looks at the elf picture and drools again*

(Ha ha, I've not used this icon in two years or so. I wonder if I still have the commercial it came from? Maybe at home. Heehee.)

EDIT: Oh my god, Look at the new city! I want to go there NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW! Eeee! Cannot wait for April to arrive! :D

The pictures look so real!

More pictures here (including new mobs and such). Link from zubis. Eee!
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