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Almost! (FFXI)

While at lunch a thought struck me: The release date for the expansion pack is April 18... wasn't that right around the date I started playing?

I went back two years in LJ and found the exact date: April 2 (2004) was when I started. Bah! So close! It would have been cool to celebrate my second anniversary of playing by getting the expansion. :D

I was very amusing when I was new. :P From April 2, 2004:

For loneguardian: Even though I'm going to be human, I'm going to start out in San d'Oria. Even though I won't get that starter-ring thing, I know lots of people there so it should be a good trade-off. (Eee!) I figured you're high enough level that you're probably not anywhere near the starting point anyway, so maybe we'll eventually meet up somewhere else and say hi? :)

Oh maybe we might have met somewhere. For a brief moment. You know, just in passing. :P

I sure have been "eee!"ing for a long time...

And wow, when summer arrives my LJ will be four years old. o.O That's especially impressive when this had been my first (and for nearly a month: only) post:

Well, this is where my journal would go if I had one. I won't be keeping one though, as I'm a boring as heck person and would put anyone who tried to follow it asleep. All I do is MUSH and ignore my friends (sorry, Mark!).

Ha ha. (I had made a LJ just so I could comment on my MUSH friends' LJs. Hee.)

It still amazes me that I've stuck with FFXI as long as I have -- not just stuck with it, play it just as much (if not more) as I did in the beginning.

Love this game. :)
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