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Yay ding! But otherwise: zzz (FFXI and TV)

Zzzz. Uneventful party. No one especially good or bad. Not a DRG in sight. (Sorry Bara. ;) ) Still got 2K/hr, but ... meh. Whatever. Dinged 54!

I put on my second piece of AF! Woo! I have another shot, taken just before that one. Looks like I was grabbing my crotch. So horrible it made me laugh out loud.

Unfortunately upon hitting 54 my subjob became gimped. Blech. So tomorrow I need to XP on BLM. *cry* Hate BLM. Not only that, it's back to the Jungles... then back to GC again. I'm 26 now (only 58 XP into level, not even a buffer!), and I'd really like to get it to 30 so I can make a straight run to 60 on RDM.

I'm also going to need the second two pieces of my AF soon. GC is 56 and Oz is 58. :/ I hate to bug people though, everyone's so busy. (On GC I'd like to go as RDM so that I can stay behind the Gates and hunt when/if we get a key, if possible.)

TV: I left the XP party "early" so that I could watch Lost tonight, but Dancing with the Stars (which I didn't even pay attention to) was more than an hour long, so no Lost. :/ I've not been able to watch anything lately, which is sad. Tivo is packed full of stuff I need to catch up on.
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