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I found love in the Valley of Sorrows! (FFXI)

Another weekend, another... non-weekend. -.- This excessive XPing is starting to get to me, but how can I turn down party invites? I need to get out of the DRK mindset of 'Oh my god! They want me! They want me! I better take this one because lord knows when I'll get another invite!'.

Had three parties today. The first two sucked so much ass. Yesterday was the perfect type of party, but these two were the worst kinds: Both had PLD tanks, I had to refresh four people in both of them (four! I hardly had time for anything besides refreshing!), and the XP was so darned slow. We were fighting crabs (in Cape Teriggan) both times. Long long long fights for little XP.

The third and final party was against raptors in Valley of Sorrows, and man did it rock. Fast, exciting fights. (NIN tank! Woo!) No downtime, just two others and myself to refresh.

Went from 56 -> halfway to 58 today. Would have hit 58 if the first two parties had gotten even 2K per hour. :( But I have neither my 56 nor my 58 AF pieces, so I wasn't terribly sad that I didn't ding.

Wednesday night Woman, Ead, and I are going key hunting. I just need to scare up one or two more people. (Minimum of one more to help with the GC door switches.) I hate having to ask for help. :(

Personal LJ friends are saved from a rant about unprepared melees. I'm not sure if it'll do any good posting it there (probably won't), but hey.
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