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Blarg (Bleach and FFXI)

Bleach: Did Luna stop subbing Bleach or are they just being even slower than usual? Other groups have three eps out since their last ones. (Not that I'm in a great rush or anything, I still have two unwatched eps sitting on my harddrive.)

FFXI: Blarg. Blarg x1000. Highly depressed, disappointed, and annoyed with the game tonight, even though I'm telling myself not to be.

DRK: I had my AF forever, but not the levels to wear it.
RDM: Have the levels, but not the AF.

The RDM situation is actually worse, because I feel stupid for being able to wear the AF and not having it. Hate, hate, hate that the game is so impossible to solo.

Even if Wednesday goes perfectly well and I get the keys for both RDM 56 and 58 piece, I'm just a level and a bit away from 60. What then?


In other news: Moat carp are currently selling for 45K per stack (!!!!!), so I bought a rod, some bait, and went out to try it. I caught two stacks really fast, but my hand is now tingling and numb. Yep, that's why I was forced to stop fishing in the past.

Though I don't usually curse, tonight we'll close with a big "Fuck you!" to S-E, for ever so many reasons.
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